What will students see and do?

OneStage Concert Tours’ focus is to take amateur choirs and orchestras to different music venues around the world, where pupils can watch music performances or perform to audiences.

There is a diverse variety of tours on offer, including music festivals, European trips, world tours and cultural tours.

The most popular destinations for school music tours are France and Germany. A typical tour to Berlin and Leipzig might look like this:

– Walking tour of Berlin to discover places of cultural significance
– Trip to a Berlin lake such as Wannsee
– Visit to the Thomaskirch in Leipzig, home to the world-famous St. Thomas Boys’ Choir
– Visit to the homes of Mendelssohn and Schumann in Leipzig
– Visit to the Grassi Instrument Museum in Leipzig
– Performances at summer festivals
– Visits and potential performance at the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedachtniskirche in Berlin

Other destination options include but aren’t limited to Argentina and Uruguay, Costa Rica, Canada, USA, Hong Kong and China and lots more.

The excursions combine cultural learning alongside musical opportunities. Students don’t just get to see a region; they learn its historical significance too.

The musical aspect of the trips is an excellent way for students to integrate with locals – giving pupils the opportunity for enriching cultural exchanges.

Teaching resources provided

Resources for historical and museum visits are available at the destinations in question.

Minimum and maximum group size

Tours can be arranged for groups as small as 12 and up to groups as large as 200.

The team at OneStage will talk to you about your requirements before making suggestions about which type of tour you should opt for. Staff will assess your needs based on the profile of your ensemble and budget.

When making the venue selection for music performances, the team will take into account the level of your group. You will never be asked to perform at a venue that doesn’t fit with your group’s ability or music style.

Details of risk assessment

The team at OneStage has organised more than 1,200 tours worldwide and over 3,800 concerts over the last two decades. Tours have taken place in 42 different countries over that time.

The experience the team has is invaluable. Once you choose the type of tour you wish to book, you will receive a detailed risk assessment document.

All tour bookings are ATOL protected.


Don't miss our downloadable A-Z guide on completing a risk assessment

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Facilities on-site

This depends on the type of trip you plan. Rest assured, however, that accommodation, reservations, logistics and venue bookings are all provided as part of the service.

You decide where you want to travel and for how long, then leave it to the team to work their magic.

Opening times

Contact the team during office hours by emailing concerttours@onestage.co.uk or calling 020 8568 4586.



Prices depend entirely on the type of tour you choose: the longer and further you travel, the more expensive the tour price.

All prices are based on the individual needs of a group. You choose the combination of countries you would like to visit on tour, and the team at OneStage will put together a music tour itinerary proposal for you.

The team will also suggest the best places available for you to perform based on your group’s age, skills and destination preferences.

Travel arrangements

This is dependent on the destination you choose for your music trip.

OneStage will advise about the easiest methods of transportation and closest airports. If you need to fly to your destination, the team will arrange your onward travel to the accommodation.

The company’s ATOL and ABTA licences mean your transportation (plane, train, coach) is fully financially protected.

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Book your school trip to OneStage Concert Tours

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Book your school trip to OneStage Concert Tours

For information on booking your school trip to this venue, click below.

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