What will students see and do?

Jump into happy at AirHop Adventure & Trampoline Parks! They’re the perfect place for your next group trip, whatever the weather.

With 17 parks across the UK, you are never too far from ultimate bouncing fun! Defy gravity and take flight in wall-to-wall trampoline heaven, challenge your friends in fast and furious games of dodgeball, leap into airbags and launch off slides, conquer the two spinning arms of the Wipeout zone, and much more!

Scale to new heights in the Clip’n Climb zones! Located at Esher, Enfield, Aberdeen, and Chelmsford, each has a selection of challenging activities to climb and complete. Can you make the Leap of Faith?

The fun-packed activities come in all shapes and sizes, and the team will happily create a bespoke session around your needs and requirements. AirHop offers everything from free range jumping and games right through to guided learning designed to improve coordination and balance.

The team of friendly and experienced staff are fully trained and always on hand to engage, enthuse, and supervise any group size to ensure that everyone has as much fun as possible. There will always be at least one member of staff on site who is fully qualified in first aid.

Teaching resources provided

We can offer project packs for groups to complete, some of which are completed pre- and post-visit.

The completed projects will be presented or sent to the site and a prize given, or the idea used and published on one of our media channels.


– Open a trampoline park
– Understand risk
– Design a trampoline park
– Vlog/blog your experience
– Create a marketing video for a product
– Healthy lifestyle and fitness

Outline of each session

Jump In and Run the Business
(Mathematics, Business)

  • Work out how you will get a return on your investment
  • Set out a business plan that shows how you will sustain your business model
  • Create resources to give out (this could be done during a visit to the school to explain the project prior to the park visit)
  • Cost of build:
    Cost of lease
    Staff per person
    Hours open
    Minimum staff
    Food costs
    Food margin

Jump In and Design an Awesome Park
(Mathematics, Design)

  • Design is an important part of building a successful trampoline park. With the information we have provided in (resource 2), design the next Jump In trampoline park (with one new activity not seen in a current Jump In Park).
  • The trampoline park may have:
    at least 60 people active at one time
    – seating in the café for 50 people
    – café and kitchen space of 100 sq. metres
    – safety briefing area of 100 sq. metres
    – toilets and changing rooms of 25 sq. metres

Jump In and Write

  • Create a vlog or blog of your day at Jump In (the best of the group will be featured on our social media or website)
  • Resource on structure of vlog/blog
  • Outline of content – headers

Jump In and Stay Fit and Active

  • The importance of staying fit and active
  • Eat well and stay energised
  • Calories burnt
  • What does a low-impact, high-energy activity mean?
  • How does it affect your body?

Jump In and Stay Safe
(Risk management)

  • Risk is apparent in everyday life and we have an obligation to help raise children’s awareness
  • Identify where you face risky situations in your day-to-day life
  • Look through how we manage inherent risk (explain what inherent risk means)

Minimum and maximum group size

The minimum group booking is 25 people.

Maximum bookings are as follows:

Aberdeen – 100
Bristol – 275
Edinburgh – 90
Camberley – 110
Elstree – 120
Slough – 140
Birmingham – 175
Esher – 100
High Wycombe – 160
Shrewsbury – 100
Ipswich – 120
Enfield – 100
Chelmsford – 200
Warwick – 120
Guildford – 140
Colchester – 100
Freedome – 50

Details of risk assessment

Risk assessments are site specific and are available on request.


Don't miss our downloadable A-Z guide on completing a risk assessment

icon for A-Z guide on completing a risk assessment

Facilities on-site

Facilities vary by site. Information can be found via airhop.co.uk

Opening times

Please see your chosen site’s timetable, which can be found on its website via airhop.co.uk



Prices start from £10pp.

Travel arrangements

Travel arrangement vary by site. Information can be found via airhop.co.uk

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Book your school trip to AirHop Adventure & Trampoline Parks

For information on booking your school trip to this venue, click below.

Book your school trip to AirHop Adventure & Trampoline Parks

For information on booking your school trip to this venue, click below.

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