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Primary Health & Wellbeing

With mental health in schools such a big talking point, we've rounded up the best ideas, mental health education lesson plans and mental health resources to help you to help your whole school. Hear from the trailblazers who are championing wellbeing in schools – not just on Mental Health Day, but all year round.

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Free Primary Health & Wellbeing Resources

Grimwood resource pack
Grimwood cross-curricular resource pack for KS2
PrimaryArt & DesignDesign & Technology ...
Wellbeing activities KS2 – nature lesson plan
Mental health/wellbeing (teacher & pupil)Outdoor learningPrimary ...
Scarlett Fife teaching resources
Free Scarlett Fife learning resources for KS1-2
PrimaryEnglishHealth & Wellbeing ...
Books for topics – explore anxiety and wellbeing with KS1
Mental health/wellbeing (teacher & pupil)PrimaryHealth & Wellbeing
School trip – Advice for reducing trip trauma
Mental health/wellbeing (teacher & pupil)School tripsPrimary ...

Primary Health & Wellbeing CPD Downloads

Boost primary pupils’ mental health and wellbeing

Make sure young children are in the best possible headspace to live, learn and thrive with these expert ideas

PrimaryHealth & Wellbeing
How to teach diversity and inclusion in the primary classroom

Whether it’s race, gender or sexuality, it’s essential we make sure schools are a safe and equal space for childr... more

PrimaryHealth & Wellbeing
Expert guide to looking after teachers’ mental health and wellbeing

Take care of yourself and your colleagues with expert advice on maintaining good mental health and wellbeing in primary schoo... more

PrimaryHealth & Wellbeing
The secrets of happy primary schools

Want to keep staff, and keep them happy? This expert advice will help you manage workload and wellbeing

PrimaryHealth & Wellbeing

Must Have Primary Health & Wellbeing Products