PrimaryHealth & Wellbeing

Expert guide to looking after teachers’ mental health and wellbeing

Take care of yourself and your colleagues with expert advice on maintaining good mental health and wellbeing in primary school

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Part 1
Part 1

How to take charge of your professional life and improve your wellbeing

From focusing on what you can control to being guided by your sense of purpose, here's how you can help to look after yourself in teaching

Part 2
Part 2

How to prioritise self-care with a busy teacher workload

How can teachers prioritise self-care when time is so limited? It’s all about implementing tiny five-minute habits

Part 3
Part 3

8 resolutions you should never make

Whether it's the start of a new year or you're simply considering your teaching goals, here’s what not to promise yourself

Part 4
Part 4

5 quick and easy wellbeing ideas you can do today

Tired of being tired? Boost your morale and that of your colleagues with these easy ideas

Expert guide to looking after teachers’ mental health and wellbeing
PrimaryHealth & Wellbeing

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