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The Ultimate Teachers’ Christmas Party Survival Guide

It's Xmas! And it's time to party! But if you want to come back in January there are obviously some festive dos and don'ts you need to follow

  • The Ultimate Teachers’ Christmas Party Survival Guide

1. You've been excited since October

2. You've played elaborate pranks

3. You've wrapped all your gifts

6. Be sure to ask important last-minute questions

7. Take the staff photo before drinks

8. And please pay for your own drinks

10. Unless it's the head who's watching

11. Remember that some people don't get to let loose often

You go, Mrs Philpott!

12. And keep certain thoughts to yourself

13. Don't drink and drive

Or go anywhere near a car

14. And try not to end up like this in the morning

15. Merry Christmas

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