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How to Make the Most of your Visit to Bett 2019

Itโ€™s the worldโ€™s biggest edtech event, so how can you make sure you boss Bett this January? Terry Freedman has some ideas...

  • How to Make the Most of your Visit to Bett 2019

Book early

If you’re planning an overnight stay to visit the show, book a hotel a few miles away. It will almost certainly be much cheaper, and travel across London is fairly easy and efficient. You’ll just have to set your alarm a bit earlier than if you’d stayed locally.

However, if you have your heart and mind set on staying just a five-minute walk away, book a room as soon as you can. Staying nearby definitely has its advantages.

Start planning

Even though January seems a while away, it’s a good idea to start your planning now. Begin by registering for your free ticket at bettshow.com. That will save you having to waste time filling out a form when you arrive.

Another thing to do is start to follow the official Bett Twitter account (@bett_show). This will enable you to find out about the latest additions to the exhibitor and seminar lists.

Treat your feet

Wear comfortable shoes โ€“ concrete floors covered by thin carpets are not the most luxurious surface to spend all day walking on. Take a bottle of water too โ€“ there are few cheap supermarkets nearby.

Find suppliers

Before setting off, look at exhibitor list on Bettโ€™s homepage. There are hundreds, but clicking on the ‘Find suppliers’ menu will reveal a filter that enables you to hone in on what especially interests you.

Browse startups

Some of the most exciting companies are found in an area called Bett Futures which is reserved for small startups. If you see anything you like, sign up for a free trial if possible.

Hidden gems

However meticulous your planning, do give yourself time to just wander around the show. You may well come across very niche products that you hadn’t realised existed. Also, quite a few stands, especially the big names, run their own seminar programmes about how to use their products.

Make connections

If you have a Twitter account, write your handle on your Bett badge (which is also your entry ticket). There are usually a plethora of hashtags used during the show by visitors and exhibitors, but the most widely used and up-to-date one is #bett2019.

Follow it to view the latest announcements by companies that will be there and people who will be presenting seminars.

Terry Freedman is an independent education technology consultant and freelance writer. His book about getting the most out of education conferences is available at viewauthor.at/terryfreedman. You can find him at ictineducation.org. Find out more about Bett at bettshow.com.

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