Web filtering and threat protection solutions for schools

Lenovo NetFilter is Lenovo’s new content filtering and online safety solution.

A two-in-one digital safety program, Lenovo NetFilter provides cloud-based, AI-driven web filtering and threat protection solutions at an affordable price for schools.

The AI dynamically categorises websites in real time, allowing schools to go beyond block lists to help detect and eliminate threats in real-time.

By categorising content in over 40 languages, Lenovo NetFilter is also able to effectively support diverse student populations.

Educators can customise access levels to websites for all students or specific groups. The solution is compatible with Mac, Windows and Chromebooks, and it is available on the school network or remotely.

Lenovo NetFilter also provides threat protection to help detect and stop both known and zero-day threats, including viruses, cyber attacks, spyware, phishing, and other digital dangers.

For added safety benefits, schools can upgrade to Lenovo NetFilter+ to receive keystroke monitoring that helps detect concerning keywords and alerts educators for intervention on issues such as depression, cyberbullying, self-harm and sexual content on school accounts.

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