Store and charge more devices in less space with PowerGistics Wall-Mounted Towers

The PowerGistics Charging Towers can accommodate 8, 12, 16 or 20 iPads or Chromebooks in the classroom, library, or media centre.

Device cables are neatly secured and protected in the back spine while the steel door secures the devices with a key locking system. Our patented pinch point cable management system will keep the students from tugging and damaging charging cords while also keeping devices aligned with their correct cord to charge with it. Device slots are also individually numbered to keep cable routing and devices organised.

Our towers are versatile, with the option of mounting them to the wall, on a stand, or there’s even a mobile roller option.

Each teacher has clear visibility of the classroom devices held within the charging tower and students can easily access their iPads or Chromebook, limiting queue times and capitalising on learning time.

Whether your school is deploying six mobile devices or hundreds, PowerGistics provides simple, effective and space-saving storage. Our towers are perfect for integrating technology into the classroom seamlessly.

Our multi-device charging towers are able to fit all of your needs as they come in three storage options themselves: stationary mounted on a wall to standalone on a static stand, positioned anywhere within the classroom or aboard our new Roller stand to offer flexibility and mobility around the school.

While all of our mobile device charging towers are designed to store, charge and secure your mobile device investment, we also specialise in facilitating device deployment for 1:1 device programs, shared device programs, check-in/check-out systems and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs.

Our multi-device charging towers are designed and developed with extreme consideration for the end user. PowerGistics mobile device charging towers are made from steel and aluminium making them durable and able to withstand student wear and tear for years to come.

Our lifetime warranty provides you with peace of mind and protects your devices as well as your precious budget.

You’re already investing so much in your devices, PowerGistics has designed our towers to ensure they are stored in their natural position ensuring less damage to the device and wear and tear on the cables and ports.

In addition, our multi-device charging towers are vertical in design so they will store and charge devices with a much smaller footprint. With space at a premium you can ensure you are utilising it well with our towers.

Your mobile charging tower will provide continuous charging and security to the devices you have invested in today and into the future.

PowerGistics Towers are available in four models: The Tower8, Tower12, Tower16 and Tower20. The number within the model denotes the number of device shelves included.

If your classroom has more wall space than floor space why not use four Tower8’s wall mounted around the classroom? This saves time for the students collecting and returning devices allowing for more instructional time.

Or, why not utilise our Mobile Roller Stand option that allow for easy transport of devices between classrooms, assembly halls or libraries?

The PowerGistics Roller Stand fits our Tower8, Tower12 or Tower16 models offering your school more flexibility and options.

Implementing mobile device technology should not be a chore, take up precious teaching time or classroom space. Demand your day back with PowerGistics space-saving charging towers.

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