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At the Natural History Museum you’ll find a range of curriculum-rich events that will enhance, inspire and motivate your students to engage in science and nature.

Whether it be devising strategies to save the planet, exploring human environmental impact, or exploring our fascinating zoology collection, there’s an educational adventure waiting for you and your school.

These tours and workshops are hosted by our scientists and learning facilitators, so your students will have experts to guide them and answer any burning questions they might have. All our secondary offerings are suitable for key stages 3 and up to sixth form and college study. 

Human impact and environmental change 

Explore: Urban Nature – delivered in collaboration with The Royal Parks Learning Centre and the Natural History Museum, this session will allow your class to observe museum specimens and investigate human impacts on the environment.

This workshop provides an opportunity for hands-on experience developing scientific skills, curiosity, and environmental stewardship. Aligning with curriculum standards, it’s an excellent opportunity for students to become urban nature scientists.  Suitable for Years 7–9

LEGO: Build the Change – Earth is now changing fast under the influence of human behaviour and our impacts on the natural world. This workshop is designed to get students thinking creatively about positive solutions and skills that are needed to tackle the biggest challenges of our time to prepare them for the future. Suitable for Years 7–9 

Darwin and scientific research 

Spirit Collection tours – among the Darwin Centre’s 27 kilometres of shelves, students can discover an astonishing 22 million animal specimens.

Encounter Archie, the majestic 8.62-metre giant squid, and marvel at specimens collected by the renowned Charles Darwin himself. Immerse students in our cutting-edge research, unveiling the mysteries of the natural world. Suitable for Years 10–13 

Meet the Scientist – students will meet with one of the museum’s resident scientists, dive into cutting-edge research, and explore how science shapes our world. With insights into careers in science, this event promises to inspire the next generation of innovators.

The variety of topics discussed varies based on the scientist’s field of specialisation. Suitable for Years 9–13

You can browse the full list of workshops, shows, and tours available on our website. You can also sign up to our monthly Teachers’ Newsletter to hear more about our schools offering, and how you and your class can get involved with the Museum.


Natural History Museum
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