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If you're a Key Stage 3 or Key Stage 4 teacher looking for learning resources, expert articles or CPD, you've come to the right place!

CPD Downloads

Speedy Assessment CPD for secondary teachers

Education experts David Didau, Daisy Christodoulou and Emma McCrea are here to help you improve your assessment methods

Secondary science CPD to improve your teaching

From engaging Year 7s in science to seeing secondary students through their GCSEs, our experts are here to guide you

Brilliant biology lessons for secondary school science

Learn about bugs, biodiversity and topics high on the teen agenda such as sugar and sleep, with these activities from Dr Joan... more

Successful STEM teaching for secondary students

Help students prepare for the careers of the future by getting them hooked on STEM subjects. Here’s how


Latest Secondary Articles

Illustration of seated audience of professionals about to undergo CPD for teachers

Waving hand in ocean, representing struggling early career teachers

Abstract illustration showing teenage boy surrounded by swirling coloured mists to evoke world building

Abstract illustration of a paper aeroplane breaking through a simple wooden labyrinth, representing lesson difficulty

Shot of two teens facing away from camera wrapped in a rainbow Pride flag, representing inclusion in schools

Photo of broken RAAC masonry following a building's demolition

Children in a circle looking happy during Anti Bulllying Week

Student writing on mini whiteboard

Line illustration of a suit-wearing figure attempting to capture a flying wallet with a net, representing commodification of education