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Evidence Me – An Observation and Assessment Suite with a Host of Time-Saving Features


At a glance

  • An outstanding observation and assessment app
  • Works offline, with support for iOS and Android devices
  • Monitor coverage of curriculum areas
  • Automatic intelligent objectives selection
  • Instantly generates reports in a range of formats

Building a profile of pupils is crucial to understanding their needs, but it’s a process that relies on the evidence we’re able to capture and collect about them.

Schools have an enormous amount of information flying around the place, of course – but actually getting hold of it can be like using a net to catch a butterfly. It’s
harder than it looks.

There is, however, another way of doing things, and 2Simple’s next generation observation and assessment suite could well be the tool you’re looking for.

Evidence Me is a classroom capture system that enables you to grab meaningful moments while providing real-time evidence of learning that helps you improve the quality and consistency of formative assessment.

The idea is that you perform your assessment directly in the app itself, thus saving time. Via the camera on your phone or tablet you can take snapshots of learning as it happens, wherever that may be, and add up to 10 photos or videos to each observation.

The app is set up so that you can then tag your learning objectives and next step objectives. Cleverly, objectives for your observations can be automatically suggested – a dynamite feature.

The workload wonders continue with the system’s ability to let you tag the same objective to multiple children, and if you want, you can use your preferred early years to KS2 framework.

With the data collected, you’ll need to produce reports for evidence. Evidence Me lets you do just that, ensuring that you’ll always have clear and concise reports at the ready from now on.

You can track a group, cohort or individual, easily import baseline data and produce curriculum coverage reports at the click of a button.

The beauty of Evidence Me is that it enhances formative assessment and can also be used for summative purposes, such as reporting to parents. There’s even a dedicated parent app that can be updated directly for same-day observations.

This is a superb formative to summative ‘documentation of learning’ tool, as it helps us get closer to children’s thinking while helping teachers understand and support learning processes.

One particularly powerful feature is that you can see observations captured across the school on a single device.

Schools are always on the lookout for powerful, easy-to-use software that can take the stress out of school improvement and assessment, and that’s exactly what Evidence Me delivers. Its usability, accuracy and speed is second to none.


  • Makes learning visible and record-keeping both secure and effortless
  • Intelligently links to formative assessment
  • Generates personalised learning journeys
  • Supports an enquiry-led, investigative approach to learning
  • Strengthens feedback and reflective practices
  • Saves teachers time and your school money

Upgrade if…

You’re looking for a well-designed classroom management tool that can capture evidence of learning and progress for formative assessment on the go.

To learn more, contact 020 8203 1781 or visit

Reviewed by John Dabell



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