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Our investigative film series bring to life the worlds of the Normans and Tudors in a format that’s fun and accessible to KS3/4 students.

Each bite-sized film is framed by an enquiry question and ideal for use in the classroom or as part of a homework task.

These free-to-use resources help students to develop their understanding of primary and secondary material and the skills needed to critically analyse evidence to build historical interpretations.

The Scoop: the Normans and the White Tower

The White Tower has stood at the centre of the Tower of London as an iconic symbol of royal power for almost one thousand years.

Join Jezebel Factsman and her team of historical experts to uncover why the Normans constructed the White Tower and what it reveals about Norman society. 

This video series has been specifically designed to support teachers and students studying the Norman Conquest as part of the new GCSE AQA syllabus.

“Each bite-sized film is framed by an enquiry question”

Tracey Tooley investigates: Henry VIII

Join our intrepid history reporter, Tracey Tooley, on her mission to uncover England’s most infamous monarch, Henry VIII.

Through interviews with Henry’s courtiers, rivals, wives and daughters, Tracey explores the many facets of the King’s life and reign.

It has been specifically designed as a school learning resource to support teachers and students studying Henry VIII and the Tudors as part of the England & Wales Key Stage 3 syllabus.

Need to know
  • The film series use Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London as primary source material and encourage students to evaluate historical evidence.
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