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WAGOLL – How to teach ‘What a Good One Looks Like’ in KS1/KS2 (plus 100+ model texts)

Find the best model texts and example texts to guide your Primary students through whatever area of the curriculum you're covering and improve their writing skills, with these activities, ideas, lessons and more…

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WAGOLL meaning

What is WAGOLL? It’s an acronym that stands for ‘What a good one looks like’. It’s basically an example or model text to show students one way of creating a good piece of work.

How to embed WAGOLL into your curriculum

Real Writing is a complete writing curriculum that puts the highest-quality model texts at the heart of great literacy teaching.

It’s built on a comprehensive, curriculum-linked framework devised by the literacy consultant Rachel Clarke, which covers the full writing programme of study for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Rachel’s framework includes a detailed brief for each children’s author to ensure that every text includes specific vocabulary, grammatical forms and structures, and rhetorical devices – as well as directions around genre and format.

What good exemplification looks like

Great model texts, clear success criteria and plenty of aspiration will all help children produce their best work, and in this article Sue Drury outlines a host of ideas on how can you incorporate the spirit of WAGOLL in your classroom

WAGOLL resources


Science fiction, fantasy and scary story writing

These lesson packs will teach children how to write amazing science fiction, fantasy or horror stories.

There are sheets to help them plan against success criteria, instructions on the ingredients of science fiction tales, two detailed model texts and a story planner to help with structure.

Click these links for the sci-fi resource, the fantasy writing resource or the scary story set.

Mark Twain model texts and reading comprehension

These reading challenge sheets provide a quick burst of comprehension practice, ideal for morning work, a short reading session or even sparking an interest in a classic text.

Each sheet comprises a brief extract from a classic Mark Twain text with a range of reading challenge questions focusing on the key reading skills of inference, information retrieval and the use of language.

Answer sheets are included. The classic texts in this pack, all written by Mark Twain, include A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, The Prince and the Pauper and ‘The Celebrated Jumping Frog Of Calaveras County’.

Give this one a look here.

Poetry and stories model texts for KS1/2

Head to TT Education where you’ll find free model texts for KS1 and KS2 poetry, as well as creative fiction for years 3-5.

Year 3 get this ‘finding’ story, centred on the experiences of an anxious hedgehog.

Year 4 have this ‘character flaw’ story, centred on the experiences of a vain little girl.

And Year 5 get this descriptive horror story, giving a third-person account of a scene from Macbeth.


Newspaper reports WAGOLL

This KS2 Text Types resource pack looks at newspaper articles, and includes writing planners and model texts to help teach Year 5 and Year 6 children how to write effective and engaging newspaper stories.

Get this resource here.

Explanatory writing WAGOLL

Teach children how to write engaging explanation texts with this resource pack.

There are sheets to help pupils plan against success criteria, descriptions of what an explanation text should include, two detailed model texts and collections of facts that children can use to create their own explanation texts.

Get it here.

Persuasive writing WAGOLL

Once they’re done explaining, why not get them persuading?

This pack includes success criteria, a vocabulary bank, a writing plan and model texts develop children’s skills of persuasive writing.

Or, you can try this Mobile phones in school persuasive writing exercise from Claire Tunnicliffe that covers a debate that children will no doubt have an opinion on.

The model text argues firmly against them (and comes in various lengths for differentiation) and also comes with a colour-coded version for students to identify which persuasive techniques are being used.

Non-chronological reports

Here’s a free model text for how to care for a gerbil, and it’s a Word Doc too so you can easily edit it to suit your needs.

Or, for slightly older students, this non-fiction text about robots is a fascinating look at the history, evolution and possible future of robotics and AI.

It is accompanied by comprehension questions that target key skills of retrieving information, making inferences and understanding unfamiliar vocabulary, and includes a 7-page fact sheet/model text, a 6-page questions worksheet and an answer sheet.

Pie Corbett fiction, non-fiction and poetry

Mr Talk4Writing has produced a number of original stories, poems and non-fiction texts to help students model writing in primary schools.

Each of these free downloads on his Pinterest page includes the model text, as well as a series of accompanying activities created by Pie himself.

Plus, you can find more of Pie’s excellent resources over at There’s a range of model texts for fiction and non-fiction, like this fantastic poetry lesson.

Literacy Wagoll

Here’s a model text rabbit hole worth getting lost down. Neatly divided into fiction, non-fiction and poetry, click on any of these and you’ll be greeted with every sub-category you could wish to explore.

Fiction categories include things like myths and legends, dilemmas, historical, mystery, spooky and sci-fi, while the non-fiction section will open up instructions, diary, persuasive writing, autobiographies and biographies, non-chronological reports and more.

Just head to to find it all.

Key Stage 2 model text packs

With 25 texts for each year group, all written by published children’s authors to a carefully mapped framework and accompanied by 2-3 weeks of lesson planning, you can deliver excellent outcomes for every writing objective on the English programme of study for years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Click the links to check out each one.

Year 3 Model Text Packs

Download a free Year 3 Unit

1. How to Build an Iron Age Roundhouse (Instructional; History) 2. How to Make a Healthy Fruit Salad (Instructional; D&T) 3. The Natural Circle of Life (Explanation; Science) 4. Why Should I Visit Skara Brae? (Persuasive; History) 5. Roman Army Formations (Report; History) 6. How Magnets Help Us (Explanation; Science) 7. The Beautiful Game (Report; Geography) 8. Biomes (Report; Geography) 9. What time is it? GMT and the time zones (Explanation; Geography) 10. The First Scientist (Recount; Science) 11. Who Was Queenie McKenzie? (Biographical recount; Art) 12. Why Buy This Brick? (Persuasive; English) 13. The Music of the Moldau (Report; Music) 14. Come to Darlington Academy (Persuasive; English) 15. Letter to a Penpal (Informal letter; Geography) 16. Ada Lovelace (Biographical recount; Computing) 17. Cave Challenge (Narrative; History) 18. A Mother’s Blessing (Narrative; Geography) 19. The Secret Mardi Gras King (Narrative; Geography) 20. Journey to the Arctic Circle (Narrative; Geography) 21. School Report (Report; English) 22. I Have… (Poetry; English) 23. Volcano (Poetry; Geography) 24. The Mystery Rucksack (Narrative; Geography) 25. Diary of a Fossil Hunter (Recount; Science)

View all Year 3 model texts here.

Year 4 Model Text Packs

Download a free Year 4 Unit

1. Terrific Teeth! (Explanation; Science) 2. How to Build a Roman Road (Instructional; History) 3. Visit Russia! (Persuasive; Geography) 4. Discovering Sutton Hoo (Report; History) 5. Who do You Think You Are? (Report; History) 6. Fair’s Fair What is Fairtrade? (Explanation; Geography) 7. Who is Matthew Bourne? (Biographical recount; PE, dance) 8. Countries in North America (Geography) 9. The Richest Man in the World (Biographical recount; Computing) 10. Worth Its Weight In Gold! (Report; History) 11. Amazing Animals The Arctic Fox (Report; Science) 12. Save Our Ancient Woodlands (Discussion; Science) 13. Banksy: Artist or Vandal? (Discussion; Art) 14. A Children’s Guide to ‘The Planets’ (Report; Music, Science) 15. Joe’s Hooded Hawk (Narrative; Science) 16. Marcus’s Misfortune (Narrative; History) 17. The Tale of Johnny Appleseed (Narrative; Geography) 18. Cowboy Story (Narrative; Geography) 19. The Diary of Gaius Oranius Betto (Diary recount; History) 20. Dear Gran (Informal letter; Geography) 21. The Tropics (Poetry; Geography) 22. Dreams of Escape (Poetry; Science) 23. Echo and Narcissus (Narrative; Science) 24. Until we are free again (Narrative; History) 25. Stay Safe in the Sun (Explanation; PSHE)

View all Year 4 model texts here.

Year 5 Model Text Packs

Download a free Year 5 Unit

1. Animal Habitats (Report; Science) 2. Katherine Johnson (Recount; Science) 3. A Chilli Day (Narrative; Science) 4. The Diary of Neil Armstrong (Recount; Science) 5. The Roman Influence (Report; History) 6. Sir Tim Berners-Lee (Recount; Computing, History) 7. Beowulf versus Grendel (Narrative; History) 8. The Tragedy of Beddgelert (Narrative; Geography) 9. The Wrong Path (Narrative; Geography) 10. Coventry Devastated by Bombing Blitz (Recount; History) 11. Visit Yorkshire! (Persuasive; Geography) 12. Samosas (Instructional; D&T) 13. ‘I’m worried about my brother’ (Informal letter; PSHE) 14. Is Your Child Fit and Healthy? (Persuasive; PE, PSHE) 15. Water Cycle Haiku (Poetry; Geography) 16. How to Care for a Rabbit (Report; Science) 17. Invitation for a Sleepover (Informal letter; Computing) 18. Crime and Punishment (Report; History) 19. St Cuthbert’s Cross (Narrative; History) 20. An English Soldier’s Diary (1066) (Recount; History) 21. The Beatles – the Greatest Pop Group Ever? (Report; Music) 22. A Greener Tomorrow (Persuasive; Geography) 23. How Odin Created the World (Narrative; History) 24. The Life Cycle of a Frog (Explanation; Science) 25. Dear Parents… (Formal Letter; English, PSHE)

View all Year 5 model texts here.

Year 6 Model Text Packs

Download a free Year 6 Unit

1. The Peppered Moth (Report; Science) 2. The Workings of the Human Heart (Report; Science) 3. The Diary of Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta (Recount; Science) 4. Visit Florida! (Persuasive; Geograph) 5. A Jaguar in the Chicken Coop (Narrative; Geography) 6. The Trees and the Axe (Narrative; History) 7. Is This the Perfect Trainer? (Persuasive; Science) 8. Dragon Bones (Narrative; History) 9. Volcanoes and Earthquakes (Narrative; Science) 10. Stuck (Narrative; History) 11. A River Speaks (Poetry; Geography) 12. The Influence of al-Razi (Recount; History) 13. Queen of the Curve (Biographical recount; Art) 14. How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint (Report; Geography) 15. Job Applications (Formal and informal letters; English) 16. Letter from the Head Teacher (Formal letter; English) 17. The Pros and Cons of Plastic (Discussion; Geography) 18. Small, but Mighty! (Report; Science) 19. The Wrath of Vulcan (Narrative; Geography) 20. The Glittering Collar (Narrative; History) 21. Victory Parade After Marauding Grey Wolf Captured! (Report; Music) 22. A Trip to Blackpool (Narrative; History) 23. A Mayan Fact File (Report; History) 24. Daydreaming (Poetry; History) 25. School Report (Report; English)

View all Year 6 model texts here.

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