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Free augmented reality Tablet Tours at the British Museum

The British Museum

Photo © Benedict Johnson

Connect your class to the past through free augmented reality tours with Samsung tablets!

They’ll get to explore the Ancient Greek world and meet the Anglo Saxons while tackling fun digital challenges in the Museum’s galleries.

Designed especially for KS2, the tours invite children to learn about Ancient Greek religion and how the Parthenon’s architecture celebrated Athena’s greatness and communicated the power of Athens, or what the objects found in the Sutton Hoo burial can tell us about Anglo-Saxon society, religion and culture.

Tablet Tours will help your class identify objects, uncover hidden information, and complete activities to reveal broader histories, alongside developing students’ historical inquiry skills and enabling them to engage with the past in exciting and innovative ways.

Tours are free and are available every weekday in term time.

  • Tablet Tours are sponsored by Samsung.

The British Museum
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