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8 Times Tables Tricks Videos to Help you Go Forth and Multiply

Having trouble getting your learners to retain their time tables? Try a different approach using these 2 x 4 videos...

  • 8 Times Tables Tricks Videos to Help you Go Forth and Multiply

1 | Three Times Table Song (‘Uptown Funk’ cover)

Let’s kick things off gently, albeit somewhat raucously, with this DIY cover of the inescapable pop hit ‘Uptown Funk’, in which the lyrics have been changed to focus entirely the three times table. Subtitles would have been a nice addition, but the catchiness just about makes up for it…

2 | Multiplication Trick

Going from the 3 times table to the 9 times table might seem like a bit of a jump – but as this video shows, kids can get a handle on multiples of nine with this very simple trick…

3 | Key Skills – Numeracy (6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables)

Staying with the fingers, here’s a way of working out multiplications relating not just the 9 times table, but also its sometimes tricky ‘6’, ‘7’ and ‘8’ counterparts.

The ultimate aim should still be for the times tables to be committed to memory, of course – but as practice aids go, it doesn’t get much more portable or handy than this.

(A shorter explanation of the same process can be seen here).

4 | Learn all your multiplication times tables in under five minutes!

Along similar lines, here’s a reliable and extremely speedy method for calculating multiplications up to 10. Granted, it could potentially be used as a crutch by those unable to instantly recall their times tables – but used properly, it can be good way of setting learners out on the right path towards memorisation…

5 | Math Times Tables for 3, 6, 9 multiplicatio

If it’s a more visual approach you’re after, try this offering from ‘right brain maths’ exponent MisterNumbers, which employs a simple tic-tac-toe playing field to demystify the 3, 6 and 9 times tables.

6 | How to Easily Memorise the Multiplication Table

For older learners, here’s a way of breaking down the imposing 10 x 10 mutiplication table into more manageable chunks. In this telling, the key is to focus on mastering multiples of 3 and 4.

With the 5 times table able to take care of itself, and multiples of 9 up to 10 all adding up to 9, it’s then just a case of internalising a far more manageable grid of 9 remaining numbers…

7 | Times Tables in 10 minutes

Via ATM, here’s a masterclass in memorisation with the aid of a number stick courtesy of Jill Mansergh, who sets about teaching an audience of trainees the 17 times table in 10 minutes.

Don’t miss the ‘Part 2’ follow-up video, in which she expands on the number stick approach, and shows how it can be used to teach times tables to infant and junior classes.

8 | Finger multiplication on steroids

To finish, here’s Mathologer (AKA Monash University maths professor Burkard Polster) taking the finger multiplication technique of video number 3 to the next level – into the uncharted realms of ‘number fingers’ lower than six, negative numbers and a whole lot of writing on hands in marker pen…

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