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Behaviour management strategies – Always respond

Illustration of a teacher watching as two students conduct a conversation in the classroom

Exercise better class control with this series of bite-sized behaviour tips from Robin Launder…

Robin Launder
by Robin Launder
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Always respond to misbehaviour. Always.

Don’t turn a blind eye, look the other way or pretend you didn’t see something when you did. Misbehaviour has to be addressed and challenged.

A key reason for teachers failing to address misbehaviour is that they doubt their ability to effectively deal with it. There’s the niggling doubt that doing so will somehow backfire on them, so that what stops them is ultimately fear.

Trust me, you have the capacity to be excellent at behaviour management. You genuinely do. Even if you think you don’t, when faced with student misbehaviour, your only option is to address it. Sorry, but it’s true.

But here’s the good news – so long as you don’t shout, or say anything unkind, then whatever you do will be better than doing nothing. If an intervention doesn’t go as well as it could, you can still learn from that for next time. 

If you felt a degree of fear (or even a lot) while responding, know that next time that fear will be lessened. Bravery begets bravery.

Similarly, fear begets fear. So, deep breath – find your voice and say something.

Robin Launder is a behaviour management consultant and speaker; find more tips in his weekly Better Behaviour online course – see for details

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