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5 of the best chemistry resources for KS2 science

Get creative with Willy Wonka's popping candy or explore moon rock with these great activities…

by Teachwire
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1 | Real Moon Rock

Use real moon samples to carry out close observations, compare and contrast materials and describe and evaluate scientific ideas.

Download this resource here.

2 | Science of George’s Marvellous Medicine

Hide empty bottles of shampoo, old paint cans and more around the classroom and have a marvellous medicine hunt, create your own inventor’s laboratory, and come up with your own medicines using the KS2 activities in this resource.

Download this resource here.

3 | Should snowmen wear coats?

We put on clothing to stay warm, so is dressing up Frosty going to keep him cool or hasten his demise? The next time there’s a snow day, use the opportunity to do some great science investigations. Ask students to find out whether or not their snowmen will last longer with or without clothing.

Children will be encouraged to develop their investigative skills: ‘planning’; ‘obtaining and presenting evidence’; and ‘considering evidence and evaluating’.

They will also learn about changes of state and thermal insulation. The investigation aim will be to determine whether a snowman will remain frozen longer if it is insulated.

You can do this investigation in full scale or with miniatures, and if it doesn’t turn out to be a white Christmas, you can model the conditions using ice cubes and bring the fun indoors any time.

Download this resource here.

4 | Willy Wonka’s popping candy

What better way to celebrate Roald Dahl Day than by inviting children into Willy Wonka’s science lab? Inside is a feast of science-based wonders to spark their imagination and curiosity. There are lots of sweet toothed experiments you could try – like growing your own sugar trees – but in this lesson, children will discover the science behind popping candy and test whether or not it might have any unexpected side effects.

Download this resource here.

5 | Create bubble potions with dry ice

In this lesson, you will ‘wow’ your class with the real science behind the effects seen in movie laboratories.

Download this resource here.

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