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7 of the best online SPaG games for KS2

Stop! Grammar time. Give kids a fun way to consolidate learning with some basic interactive activities to test their SPaG skills…

by Teachwire
Punctuation games resources for KS1 and KS2
DOWNLOAD A FREE RESOURCE! Punctuation worksheets – Games and activities for KS1/2

You say SPAG, we say GAPS, or GASP, or PSGA. What? No one says PSGA? What about APGS? Why not? It makes as much sense as GAPS. Why is ‘and’ the second word? So be it.

Get your kids’ grammar and spelling punctuation (see, doesn’t work. Bad grammar! Bad!) skills up to scratch with some lighthearted online gaming. It’s better than the language they’ll pick up playing Call of Duty online at home.

Here’s a quick roundup of some of the best word games this side of Countdown, Boggle and Scrabble. Enjoy.

Offline grammar and spelling games

Looking for something a little more low-tech? Check out this list of brilliant offline punctuation games for KS1/2, including free resource downloads. We’ve also got a round-up of the best spelling games.

Alternatively, this collection of grammar games from our friends at Plazoom covers everything from sentence types to prepositions, homophones, prefixes, suffixes and more.

Better yet, they’re all sorted by year group.

Grammar games KS2 – The Adjective Detective

Probably not much use on actual criminal investigations (perhaps why he’s hosting online grammar games), the Adjective Detective helps kids spot, you guessed it, the adjectives in various sentences.

SPaG games KS2 – The Quest of Comma Castle

Who’d have thought the humble comma could be the difference between life and death?

Well, it is in The Quest of Comma Castle, where you need to save a diamond from the Plinth of the Perishing Pit, negotiating dragons, bottomless pits and other deadly obstacles, all by answering grammar questions.

There are four difficulty settings, and six sections to play through. Real heroes know their synonyms and antonyms.

Present simple and present continuous

This present simple and present continuous game is just one of a hatful of grammar games from The British Council where you have to put the correct word into each sentence. Other topics covered include prepositions of place, modals and articles.

Spooky spellings

Practise spelling common exception words – also called tricky words – with this spooky spelling game. Select your year group (from Y1 to Y6) then arrange the letters in the right order to spell each word.

Naming nouns

Learn all about what nouns are – including refreshers on common, proper, abstract, concrete, count, non-count and collective nouns – then take this football themed nouns quiz and play ‘Beware the noun monster‘.

Word Frog

In this Word Frog game you need to move an amphibian around to strike the right word. You can theme the game around antonyms, synonyms or homophones, and there’s three game speeds.

Magic Verbs

Magic Verbs demonstrates the importance of verbs in every sentence. Children have to change the atmosphere or mood of the text by choosing specific verbs – bringing the sentence to life.

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