The Wow Factor – STEM careers at the Science Museum

Step into the fascinating world of STEM careers at Technicians: The David Sainsbury Gallery at the Science Museum, London.

The gallery recreates the workplaces of technicians across multiple sectors – health science, creative arts, manufacturing and renewable energy – and enables your class to get hands-on with interactive exhibits that simulate technical, job-related tasks.

The Science Museum has collaborated with Marvel Studios, the NHS, the National Grid and others to create this unique careers gallery.

Your pupils will experience what it’s like to create visual effects on a blockbuster film set, analyse blood samples in a medical laboratory, fix a fault on a wind turbine and much more.

At the Technicians gallery, your class will learn how technicians work behind the scenes to save lives, make energy greener, provide entertainment, create everyday items we couldn’t live without and much more.

They’ll have the chance to operate a robotic arm, solve technical problems on top of a wind turbine and assist with the creation of lifesaving medicine.

Meet an employee

KS3 and KS4 groups can also book places on a free hands-on workshop. These are held in the Technicians gallery, and will give pupils the chance to meet real-life technicians and ask them lots of questions.

The workshop will help your pupils to see how they can use their existing skills to become problem solvers and make a difference.

Careers trails

To support your visit, the Science Museum has created a fun, careers-themed activity trail that will help lead your pupils around the museum.

Pupils will get to explore Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries and Mathematics: The Winton Gallery, where they will be able to learn how real-life technicians have helped to design and build the world around us.

“A visit to the gallery will support productive careers conversations with young people.”

Gatsby benchmarks

A visit to the gallery will support productive careers conversations with young people by offering an informal, yet educational encounter with a huge range of technical career pathways.

A visit could also support efforts at meeting Gatsby’s Good Career Guidance benchmarks, by providing students with opportunities to experience workplace environments.

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