Lockdown may have lifted, but whether you are raring to restart your school trips, or cautiously waiting to see what the next few months bring, JORVIK Viking Centre and its sister attractions – medieval Barley Hall, and DIG: An Archaeological Adventure – can give your pupils an unforgettable experience, whether visiting or virtual!

If your class is bursting to escape the classroom walls, and you are close enough, a school visit to meet our Vikings and take a trip around 10th-century Viking York is tough to beat.

If you want to keep your studies in the classroom – for now – or are a little too far away for a day trip to York, then our virtual visits, delivered online, will bring one of our team to you, whether you are looking for Viking stories, medieval medicine or archaeological expertise.

Visit York’s leading attractions

Pupils will remember their trip to JORVIK Viking Centre forever – we often get adults returning who recall the sights, sounds, and especially smells of Viking-age York!

Combined with a visit to medieval Barley Hall and learning about archaeology at DIG, the JORVIK Group creates an inspiring day out.

Where else can they talk to a Viking and see the world’s largest fossilised Viking poo?

Get historic artefacts in your classroom

If you need more than a screen to engage your kinesthetic learners, our loan boxes, packed with items and replica artefacts from different historical periods – from pre-history to Vikings, Romans to Tudors – are the perfect solution.

Let us storm your screens!

Vikings invading your whiteboard, archaeologists inspiring some digging and even medieval medics diagnosing your maladies – all without leaving your classroom or home.

The JORVIK Group has been leading the way in virtual visits to schools for many years, with a selection of pre-recorded and live interactive workshops that add colour to your curriculum – this isn’t just history, we can use history to cover all kinds of topics, from the environment to STEM.

Personalised support from our experts

From visit planning with our reservation team, to discussions with our learning team about your curriculum requirements, to engaging workshops with our costumed interpretation staff – at every step of your JORVIK experience you’ll find people who are passionate about bringing history to life for your pupils!

For more details about all of the JORVIK Group’s educational resources, please email [email protected] or call 01904 615 505. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletters too, to be the first to hear about our regular Schools Weeks and free educational resources.