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Pride Month – 9 of the Best KS3/4 Teaching Resources

2019 is the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall riots, so help inform and educate your students about LGBTQ+ rights this June with these ideas, activities and lessons...

  • Pride Month – 9 of the Best KS3/4 Teaching Resources

1 | Pride in London

Pride is celebrated in June every year to mark the Stonewall riots which took place from 28 June to 1 July in Manhattan in 1969. Which means that this year is the 50th anniversary of the event.

That’s why Pride in London is celebrating a half century of political activism for the #PrideJubilee, looking at the people, protests and victories that have helped the LGBT+ movement throughout the years.

Find out more here.

2 | LGBT+ Identities

This Out in Education resource sheet on LGBT+ identities provides handy definitions on sexuality and gender, before going on to explain how these are more useful guidelines or starting points, and that in reality identity is more fluid and complex.

It goes on to provide a more accurate model, and talks about ‘coming out’ and the use of pronouns.

Get this resource here.

3 | Gender explained using continuums

This excellent infographic is part of a post called Breaking through the binary: Gender explained using continuums from It’s Pronounced Metrosexual.

You can download it as a PDF there, and also get loads more information on gender, something that everyone thinks they understand, but most people really don’t.

Here, it’s broken into three categories: identity, expression, and sex. As the post explains, “It’s less ‘this or that’ and more ‘this and that’”.

Get this resource here.

4 | Explore LGBT+ themes in film

Into Film developed this assembly for LGBT History Month, but it can be extended and adapted into a lesson plan too.

Through the questions, issues and ideas raised in a selection of films, this assembly supports young people to discuss the impact and limitations of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act as the first step on the continuing journey towards equal rights for LGBT people.

There are also links to more Into Film resources for LGBT+ movies like the exceptional Carol and Tangerine.

Check out this resource here.

5 | Supporting transgender kids in school

This is a piece I had the privilege to write for our Teach Primary magazine, speaking to experts in the field (without whom, the feature wouldn’t exist) about transgender children.

Their advice and the case studies they provided are essential reads, and you’ll also find some helpful resources and videos (such as the one above) at the bottom of the feature too.

Check it all out here.

6 | Expert opinions

While we’re on experts, this selection of features also make for great reads:

7 | Setting up a student LGBT group

Help your students use their voices in support of acceptance without exception.

This student voice resource from Stonewall is packed full of ideas and resources to help you support your students to take the lead in LGBT inclusion work at your school.

You’ll find more Stonewall resources here too.

Download it here.

8 | The Gender Question

This lesson from GIRES (the Gender Identity Research & Education Society) gives background information about trans and non-binary issues and some explicit information about sex differentiation.

It explains in broad terms, the role of the brain, and how this is not always congruent with the sex appearance.

Download the lesson plan and PowerPoint here.

9 | Tackling homophobia, creating safer spaces

This teaching pack from Schools Out includes fact sheets, lesson plans, useful links and loads more.

There are things like 20 things your school can do to tackle homophobia and transphobia, and create a safe space, and using language effectively which can all be downloaded individually, or you can download the whole pack.

Check it out here.

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