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Net Aware Update Highlights Top 5 Sites Where Children Have Seen Inappropriate Content

Information resource finds children more likely to report seeing unsuitable material on social media than parents

  • Net Aware Update Highlights Top 5 Sites Where Children Have Seen Inappropriate Content

The NSPCC and O2 have updated their jointly produced Net Aware internet safety guide – and also shared some notable findings from the children and parents whose views inform the site’s explanations of various social media services.

Both organisations surveyed 1,175 children and young people and just over 500 parents for their thoughts on the most widely social networking services and mobile apps. When the former group were asked about where they had seen inappropriate content, the top five responses were Sickipedia (cited by 100% of respondents), followed by Chatroulette (92%), Omegle (89%), Ask.fm (88%) and Yik Yak (74%).

Somewhat surprisingly, the survey apparently found that while children typically rated Chatroulette, Omegle and Tumblr as ‘high risk’ in terms of sexual content, parents instead rated them as ‘low risk’.

As NSPCC Chief Executive Peter Wanless explains, “Our Net Aware research has shown that children are far more likely than parents to report seeing sexual, violent, or other adult content on social media. It’s vital that parents sit down together with their children regularly to talk about which social media sites they are using, and how to get help if they need it…

“These companies need to take more responsibility for keeping children safe online. We think there should be minimum standards in place and a new regulator may be required if industry can not regulate itself.”

For more information, visit www.net-aware.org.uk

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