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Children’s Art Week – Best school resources for 2024

Children's Art Week activity

If you need any more of an excuse to let kids’ creativity loose then Children’s Art Week will do nicely…

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Art KS2 inspiring medium term plans
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What is Children’s Art Week?

Children’s Art Week was originally instigated by Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education. In recent years, the association has turned its attention to running annual campaign Let’s Create Art instead, but is still encouraging schools to make their own plans for Children’s Art Week.

When is Children’s Art Week 2024?

Traditionally, Children’s Art Week was celebrated for three weeks across late June and the start of July, but you can schedule your own Children’s Art Week for whenever you like!

Children’s Art Week ideas

Host a special art assembly

Assembly idea for Children's Art Week

Follow the lead of art lead Adele Darlington and use Children’s Art Week to host a special art assembly. All children need is a sketchbook and pencil and they’re a fabulous, valuable, shared experience.

Start a new medium-term art project

Art medium term plans for Children's Art Week

Get pupils’ creative juices flowing with these expert medium-term art plans for KS2. Each resource pack contains a full half-term of planning and there’s currently six different themes to choose from, including:

  • Self-portraits
  • William Morris and the Victorians
  • Van Gogh
  • Fashion design
  • 3D relief sculpture
  • Urban life

Warm and cold colours lesson pack

The resources in this art lesson pack will help you teach pupils about warm and cold colours. Deliver it during a single session or break it down and use it over several days.

Children will learn how using warm or cold colours can affect the look and feel of a painting, and then apply this to their own artwork.

Space art

Space artwork idea for Children's Art Week

If you’re doing space in science, this project links in perfectly. Use scrunched up paper towel to add bursts of poster paint to black card, then draw an astronaut on white paper before cutting it out and adding it onto the space background.

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‘Dance’ with paint while listening to music

A child's painting on manuscript paper, perfect for Children's Art Week

Blend the beauty of art with the joy of music. Ask children to cover manuscript paper with colourful paint marks in response to a piece of music.

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Try a communal river drawing

Children taking part in messy painting activity for Children's Art Week

Creating a layered drawing and ‘wax resist’ on a massive scale by sticking long lengths of masking tape down a role of paper, then use permanent markers and graphite to mark make along the paper’s length.

Next, add oil pastels before adding paint and Indian ink. Finally, peel off the masking tape to reveal your river design.

Shadow puppets

Create shadow puppets then use your whiteboard projector as a way to cast shadows.

Connect your doodles

Watch artist Fabric Lenny connect doodles to create new images.  How will your pupils connect their doodles?

Animate a ship

Create a model of the Mayflower ship from simple materials with this video tutorial by digital artist Trevor Wollery then animate your creation and capture it in a GIF.

Poster art

Visit the London Transport Museum’s poster collection in this virtual workshop, then take part in a design challenge to create a persuasive poster encouraging people to get outside and explore London’s green spaces. Download accompanying teacher’s notes too.

Download these Children’s Art Week activity cards to help you make the most of any gallery visit you do with your pupils. They explore looking, discussing, making and exhibiting are there are activities for individuals, pairs and groups.

Ideas for Early Years

Build a parrot pal

Get crafting on this colourful creature, and make your own parrot pal to perch on your arm. Watch this BBC Bitesize instructional video.

Ladybird lids

These adorable little googly-eyed ladybird lids are quick and easy to make, and can then be used for things like counting or grouping.

Creating colourful collages

Prepare some pre-cut shapes, or let older children cut out their own, then watch them create a kaleidoscope of colour.

Chinese cherry blossom fans

Sugar paper, paint, glue and a bit of adult supervision and kids can create these gorgeous fans.

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