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13 Fantastic Father’s Day Crafting Ideas and Resources For Early Years and Primary – Updated for 2018

Get your little ones to craft something cool, creative and personal for Father's Day

  • 13 Fantastic Father’s Day Crafting Ideas and Resources For Early Years and Primary – Updated for 2018

Not to get all ‘back in my day’, but when I was a little terror Father’s Day cards came in 3 varieties: sports (vintage-style illustrations of dartboards, golfers, footballers or fishing equipment), DIY/gardening and classic cars.

The message was always pretty much the same too: Put your feet up, dad. Read the paper. Have a beer. Smoke a pipe. Briefly remember when you got to do things like play sports (before us kids ruined all that), then maybe have an afternoon nap.

I’m not sure how this differed from any other day of the year, other than no one pestered him to wake up and mow the lawn or something.

Ah, stereotypes.

But now that people of my generation have grown up (or should that be “grown up”?), Father’s Day cards feature Spider-Man, Darth Vader, Superman and the Incredible Hulk (because what’s better than likening your father to an out-of-control raging monster?).

Hulk just misunderstood

So, rather than going down the generic route of indulging today’s dads in a store-bought card adorned with his favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, get your kids crafting to create something a bit more unique.

1 | By the book

Something a bit more involved, and personal, these printable pages, when combined with a small, cheap photo album and a bit of crafting, can create dad’s very own book.

2 | Creative cards

For slightly older children this colourful owl card is a cute little option.

Otherwise, this monster hug card will be great fun for kids to make.

And something that’s keeping up to date with the modern world is this cheeky little ‘World’s Best Dad’ Google search card:

3 | Photo cube

This photo cube idea is as simple as it is flexible. You can take and print photos off in your school/nursery, or children can just draw pictures of themselves, family members, pets, their house, or all sorts of things.

Or, if you have more time and resources, these ‘Dad’ letter blocks look absolutely great.

4 | School of rock

Perhaps a more-reasonable claim that ‘world’s best’, telling dad he rocks opens up many a stone-based piece of punny artwork. This DIY picture frame from mommymoment.ca is a neat idea.

Or for a simpler version try this one from craftsbyamanda.com:

Even easier? Just try painting some rocks:

5 | In the frame

For those dads who know their Gambits and Rogues from their Silver Surfers and Punishers (or have at the very least seen The Avengers and The Dark Knight) being compared to their favourite comicbook heroes is about as safe a bet to please as you can get.

If the kids (or dads) can bear sealing away a few little plastic toys then this picture frame is a very cool idea.

If they can’t, then this alternative option just means printing out some pictures and adding the lettering.

The wordplay does rely on you only using Marvel superheroes, however, so if you’re not sure do check. You don’t want an angry dad insisting that Batman shouldn’t be here because he’s a DC character, while little Jimmy cries his eyes out.

6 | Hand and footprints

This card from tiffkeetch.blogspot.co.uk puts a bit of a twist on the ol’ hand print gimmick.

So too does this Monster’s Inc inspired design from iheartartsncrafts.com.

This one might require a bit of sneaky help from someone other than dad at home, but it’s a lovely touch if you can pull it off. Just make sure you don’t ruin his favourite Italian brogues.

7 | Father’s day colouring page

This simple idea is a great way to create something memorable and give children a little writing practice too. It does come from an American site, so there is the US spelling of ‘favorite’ on there if you’d rather avoid confusing youngsters with this spelling.

But you can always get creative with the document before copying/printing or use the template to create your own.

Print it out here.

8 | Finger painting Dad card

Another easy card idea is this finger-painting option. All you need is to cut out the ‘Dad’ template, stick it on some card and let your children finger paint away.

When they’re finished, peel away the template, and you’ve got your card.

See how this is done at Clare’s Little Tots here.

9 | Father’s Day goodie bags

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a father in possession of a good neck, must be in want of a tie.

Either that, or it’s another one of them stereotype things.

But if you there are any tie-loving dads around then this fun little gimmick is a good way to wrap any Father’s Day gifts.

Get the instructions here.

10 | Super Dad gift

Chocolate, and compliments? This one is a winner.

Download the required templates and check out the instructions here.

11 | Craft stick roll-up card

Here’s another unique alternative to the standard father’s day card, and it requires very little to make.

Check out the brief instructions here.

12 | World’s best dad…certified

Ignoring the obvious absurdity of giving out multiple ‘World’s Best Dad’ certificates (did they all come in joint first place? Who even judged this competition?) this age-old sentiment always goes down well. These free printable certificates can be decorated however each child wishes.

13 | Printable worksheets

There’s a wealth of Father’s Day-related printable worksheets for you to use at enchantedlearning.com, including:

Find them all here.

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