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7 Funny Trending Teacher Videos To Welcome In The Weekend

From Star Wars Ofsted spoofs to 300's Spartans preparing to teach nursery, here are some of the best education-related comedy videos online

  • 7 Funny Trending Teacher Videos To Welcome In The Weekend

If you haven’t seen it already, there’s a certain video trending online that dubs over footage from the original (only) Star Wars trilogy.

It casts Darth Vader as a tyrannical headteacher preparing his staff for the impending visit of Ofsted, portrayed by Emperor Palpatine (Disclaimer: Any resemblance to actual Ofsted inspectors, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental).

Even in a galaxy far, far away marking must be made in six different colours.

Of course, this movie spoof thing is nothing new. You probably saw some of the numerous Downfall parody videos a few years back, where people typed their own subtitles over Hitler’s furious outburst, and even Ofsted weren’t spared from his wrath.

One of the best versions of this scene was a SATs-related spoof which you can find here.

Just be yourself

When Ofsted does arrive at your school gates, any teacher or head will know you have to be prepared. Just be yourself, show your school in its true state. Or, maybe do this instead:

In the interest of fairness we will naturally point out that Amanda Spielman has taken over as Ofsted chief, and we’ll link to Sean Harford’s Marking and Other Myths piece (which covers the whole coloured-pen malarky), even if Ofsted HQ has been referred to as the Death Star in the past. All in jest though, we hope.

This…is…Sparta Primary Academy

Teaching is tough, we know this, with the demands placed on education right now schools need the best they can get. Staff numbers may be dwindling, pupil numbers swelling, but great warriors have overcome greater odds before. Just ask these super-bronzed Spartans from 300 (and please ignore the numerous historical inaccuracies and pretty horrendous political message from the film).

If you do ask them though, you’ll have to do it in French, as the video has been dubbed in that language so as to put English subtitles over the top, casting these buff heroes as teachers preparing to do battle with a cohort of pupils for the new school year.

Must have a good gym in that school.

Short cuts

A couple of quick ones to finish from 5 Second Films. If you’ve not heard of 5 Second Films the premise is exactly as it sounds: they make videos that are five seconds in length. It’s essentially like a one-line joke for the internet age.

Here’s ‘Cool Teacher-Parent Conference’

And here’s the surreal loveliness of ‘Test Notes’

Teaching Centre

To finish, this video from American comedy duo Key and Peele presents a Sports Centre-style show where teachers are treated like athletes. Just check out the adulation (and the salaries).

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