1 | Investigate The Relationship Between Language Use And Gender

How far can the words we choose to use about people affect the way they are seen by society in general?

This lesson uses both language and literature examples to discuss the way that word choice reflects values and influences thought. The aim is to introduce the idea that language works to create or emphasise certain roles or attributes according to gender.

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2 | New and Innovate Ways to Teach SPaG without Textbooks

Finding new and innovative ways of teaching spelling, punctuation and grammar to a class approaching the end of their secondary schooling without relying on textbooks isn’t easy, but it is possible. Let Karl Vadaszffy be your guide.

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3 | Improve The Breadth Of Students’ Vocabularies

How can we improve the breadth of vocabulary that students have at their disposal, in order to enhance their writing? How can we ensure that learners are fully engaged in the process of self-consciously crafting their own language?

The ideas in this lesson will provide a starting point for activities that will extend the breadth of language for our students across time, right from the start.

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4 | Help Students Widen Their Vocabulary And Develop Their Sentence Structures

This lesson aims to inspire students to be more imaginative in their writing and really bring together elements of other curriculum areas to help them understand the importance of creativity and the place of writing across all disciplines.

The session also gives a range of approaches to widening vocabulary and developing sentence structures, which is vital to promote literacy across the curriculum and narrow the achievement gap between pupil premium students and their more affluent peers.

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5 | Improve Communication Skills with a Focus on SPaG in GCSE Literature

Changes in the English GCSEs now incorporate marks for SPaG. Not all students are natural readers and must have help in developing essential communication skills. This lesson teaches the students the elements of SPG not only for their exam skills but also for their life skills.

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