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8 of the best percentage increase and decrease teaching resources for KS3 maths

Lesson plans, activities and worksheets to help secondary students develop their understanding of percentage change

by Teachwire
Percentage questions worksheet
DOWNLOAD A FREE RESOURCE! Percentage questions – KS3 maths worksheet with answers

1 | Percentage puzzles

Percentages are commonplace in everyday life, but can be sometimes be confusing and difficult to interpret. In this lesson plan by Colin Foster, students get to grips with a series of puzzles aimed at showing what changes in percentage actually mean.

2 | One-step increases and decreases

Mark-ups in the one-step method are more efficient than the two-step method but are more difficult to understand. One significant obstacle to understanding is a common view that percentages over 100 are impossible. Yet one-step mark-ups require such percentages.

This resource offers a handful of activities to help students address any misconceptions and includes a handy worksheet too. It’s from New Zealand, so the figures are in dollars, but the sums, of course, remain the same.

Check it out here.

3 | Using percentages to increase quantities

In this resource students make links between percentages, decimals and fractions, represent percentage increase and decrease as multiplication and recognise the inverse relationship between increases and decreases.

It confronts any gaps and misconceptions in prior learning and build new conceptual links between percentages, decimals and fractions.

It also includes printable cards for you to use with increases in percentages, words, money and decimals.

Download it here.

4 | Percentage decrease worksheets

These superhero-themed percentage decrease sheets are sure to go down a treat with your students (well, compared to worksheets that don’t have The Incredible Hulk and Wonder Woman on them anyway).

There’s also a matching percentage increase sheet too, as well as percentage increase match cards.

Head to Access Maths, here, for the decrease worksheets.

5 | Homework sheet

Want some fun and challenging activities to send home with students (or, indeed, to tackle in class)? Danielle Bartram has you covered with this printable PDF.

Download it here at

6 | Percentage change PowerPoint

If you’d rather go through percentage changes as a class then this Pixi Maths PowerPoint presentation might just do the the trick.

Download it here.

7 | Short percentage increase and decrease test

If you’re after something quick to start or end a lesson, this five-question quiz should do the trick.

Download it here.

8 | Exam-style questions

If you’re after a handy worksheet of percentage increase and decrease questions, this one from Corbett Maths has 25 exam-style questions for students to try.

Print it out here.

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