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Improve your secondary students’ algebra skills by factorising quadratic equations with these lesson plans, activities, ideas and printouts…

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Factorising quadratics worksheet
DOWNLOAD A FREE RESOURCE! Factorising quadratics worksheet – 13 exam-style questions

Looking for a factoring quadratics worksheet, lesson plan or other resource? We’ve got you covered…

Factoring quadratics worksheets

This free eight-page, exam-style factoring quadratics worksheet is from Maths Genie.

Corbettmaths worksheets

Factoring quadratics worksheets

The website features lots of factoring quadratics worksheets that take the form of exam-style questions and textbook exercises. Check out these links:

More factoring quadratics worksheets

Factoring quadratics lesson plans

Let students construct their own quadratic equations

Factoring quadratics lesson plan

When learners are bored in maths lessons they sometimes ask, “When will we ever actually use this?”. But even topics that are unlikely to feature in everyday life can still be fun for learners to work on if they experience them as a puzzle to solve.

This lesson plan from Colin Foster offers a scenario where students need to construct their own quadratic equations in order to solve a bigger problem. Lots of practice happens along the way…

Quadratic equations lesson plan

Factoring quadratics lesson plan

Quadratic expressions are considerably more complicated to work with than linear expressions, and students often find them hard to handle.

In this lesson plan (with worksheet), students approach factorising non-monic quadratics by trying to find factorisations which will expand and simplify to produce a quadratic expression of a specified form.

This entails lots of useful practice at expanding pairs of brackets and collecting like terms. It also gives an opportunity for students to unpick what is going on, to gain insight into how the inverse process of factorising works.

PowerPoint lesson

Factoring quadratics PowerPoint lesson

This is a two-part factorising quadratics lesson from PixiMaths. The first activity focuses on factorising quadratics where the coefficient of x^2 is 1, followed by a second where the coefficient is greater than 1.

Both lesson parts are fully differentiated with examples and answers. The lesson starts with a product and sum activity to get students thinking about possible pairs of numbers.

There’s a PowerPoint lesson, and then printable Word doc worksheets for activity one and activity two.

Factorising quadratics unit

In this unit of work from Mathcentre, students will learn how many quadratic expressions can be factorised. It’s all available in one ten-page PDF, with examples and exercises at each stage.

Factoring quadratics videos

Factorising quadratic with Corbettmaths

This video from the ever-reliable Corbettmaths is a good guide for students on factorising quadratic. It runs through some examples in a straightforward and easy-to-follow manner. You can also watch the more-advanced follow-up in part two.

The three types of quadratics

This Maths Made Easy video covers factorising quadratics (a = 1) plus an example of factorising simple quadratics.

Factoring quadratics online tests

In this online test, students need to factorise quadratic expressions, giving the smallest factor first in their answer.

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