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7 of the Best Primary Teaching Resources and Fundraising Ideas for Children in Need 2019

Get your school fundraising and having fun on Friday 18 October to help disadvantaged children across the UK...

  • 7 of the Best Primary Teaching Resources and Fundraising Ideas for Children in Need 2019

1 | Children in Need

We all know about Children in Need, but what exactly does it do? Its vision is that every child in the UK has a childhood which is safe, happy and secure and that allows them the chance to reach their potential.

Sounds pretty much in line with things you’re doing in school, right?

Children in Need’s fundraising provides grants to projects in the UK which focus on children and young people who are facing a range of disadvantages, for example children living in poverty and deprivation, disabled young people and children who have been the victims of abuse or neglect.

Head to bbcchildreninneed.co.uk where you’ll find everything you need from fundraising ideas to printable tools and resources, hosting your own quiz tools and more.

Plus, get your free school fundraising kit here.

2 | We’re all Wonders

Consider themes of kindness, individual differences, dealing with personal challenges and the need to belong with this teaching and discussion guide for RJ Palacio’s incredible follow up to Wonder.

The guide includes discussion questions and classroom activities for younger and older children, pre-reading notes and the opportunity to become a certified kind classroom.

Download this resource here.

3 | Tackling disability-related bullying

Continuing on this theme, this resource has been developed for primary teachers to support equality work in their schools, so that all children can appreciate and celebrate the contribution that people with a disability can make in our society.

It offers practical advice and includes lesson plans that teachers can use to enhance children’s awareness and improve their levels of empathy for those with a disability.

Get it here.

4 | Boost social mobility for students from disadvantaged areas

Social capital is the key to social mobility for all pupils, says Future First CEO Matt Lent, and in this article he outlines how to enable every young person to succeed regardless of their background, we must look beyond short-term, standalone programmes and create the systemic, structural change needed to ‘move the needle’ on the complex social mobility problem.

Read his ideas here.

5 | Theatre access for all

A disproportionate number of people from disadvantaged backgrounds work in theatre – and schools are partly to blame, says Katie Masters.

In this piece, she explains why schools need to ensure students from these backgrounds can access theatre, and how your school can go about it.

Check it out here.

6 | Five fundraising ideas

These creative ideas from Kirstine Beeley for raising funds for early years settings can easily be adapted for young children in order to garner donations for Children in Need.

Check out these ideas here.

7 | A-Z of fundraising ideas

This alphabetised list of ideas from Asda has inspiration from auction to zumba, with ice cream, karaoke, nature walks and more in between.

Give it a look here.

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