1 | British Science Week 2019 secondary pack

The theme for British Science Week 2019 is ‘journeys’, and these official activity packs provide easy-to-do, hands-on activities that parents and teachers can easily run with students and children around this topic.

From creating tunnels, time capsules and perfume to keeping a nature log and mummifying an orange, there’s something for everyone.

Show how you use the activity packs by sharing your pictures on Twitter using the hashtag #BSW19.

This resource pack is your ‘one-stop-shop’ for supporting you during British Science Week, but it can be used at any time. You can also download the 2018 pack here.

Get this resource here.

2 | Free lesson plans

If you’re after science lesson plans we’ve got a whole bunch for you here (over 40 in fact). They’re all free to download too.

There’s everything from exploring whether science could bring back extinct animals and using chemistry to experiment with potions and cauldrons to broadcasting a message into space and using scientific knowledge to escape an imaginary island.

You’ll find them all in these separate sections for physics, chemistry, biology and then 12 more that cover more than one of these.

3 | Rocket science

With the theme of journeys, why not take your students into outer space with this NASA resource?

The activities in this whopping 155-page PDF look at the scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical foundations of rocketry to provide exciting classroom opportunities for authentic hands-on experimentation

Download it here.

4 | Ocean exploration

From the far reaches of outer space, head deep down underwater with this Royal Society resource that looks at whether we might be able to gather important resources from the ocean floor for use in technology, medicine and more.

Check it out here.

5 | Cool physics experiments

Thanks in part to the likes of Brian Cox and Neil deGrasse Tyson, the worlds of physics, and science more generally, have become quite hip in recent times.

But if any of your students still need convincing of that fact, here is a list of amazing experiments to try in order to win them over.

Give them a look here.

6 | The body in the laboratory

It was the lab technician who discovered Dr Donny’s body on the laboratory floor and called 999.

By the end of day, Detective Leroy had arrested three suspects: Victor Volt, Polly Punnett, and Ali Alkane. By taking data from their mobile phones, he was able to work out the each suspect’s movements in the minutes following the murder.

Other police officers examined CCTV footage which showed the route the get-away car took after leaving the crime scene. Detective Leroy used this information to plot a distance-time graph of the getaway car.

Using this data, can your students identify which suspect might be the murderer?

Download this activity here.

7 | Polar bears and climate change

In this activity students take on the role of a trainee documentary producer working for an environmental channel. The television programme scenario, ‘Bears in Trouble’, explores how rising temperatures in the Arctic could be endangering the survival of polar bears.

Polar bears seem perfectly adapted to the Arctic environment, but students reveal a different story when they study the bear’s feeding strategy.

Get this resource here.

8 | Periodic table resources

This list includes a range of resources for teaching the periodic table in a way that will hopefully make the learning stick and emphasise its importance. There are printable posters, interactive resources and more.

Check them all out here.