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7 of the best ‘number bonds To 10’ videos

How many more would we need to hit double digits?

Lloyd Burgess
by Lloyd Burgess
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Number bonds, they may not be the nation’s favourite bond, but they’re definitely a close second.

‘Firsht plache’

So we’ve rounded up some of the best video guides on the web to give you a few simple ideas how to teach your Key Stage 1 pupils.

There are no gadgets, car chases or evil lairs, but unlike Bond films you might actually learn something. So here we go:

1 | A Guide to Number Bonds

This simple guide from Komodomath might help you focus on how you present number bonds to your class, and there’s also a video for subtracting with number bonds and teaching them in the Singapore style.

2 | Singapore Maths

Talking of which, here’s Mr Almeida with an animated guide on doing things the Singapore way.

3 | Maths at Home

Or, if you don’t want to travel quite so far, or anywhere at all for that matter, this video from Maths@Home shows you how to use everyday household (or classroom) items to help children get a tangible grasp on number bonds.

4 | CBeebies Tower Blocks

One fun challenge from CBeebies is to get children to try to build a number block tower, finding different ways to make 10 without their structure collapsing.

5 | Wish Fish

Another fun way to let children learn is to play a Matching Pairs-style game with Wish Fish

6 | Interactive Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources

Want something a bit more hi-tech? IWBs are great visualisers for teaching number bonds, as Promethean Planet shows here.

7 | Getting to 10 by Filling in Boxes

And this method devised by Khan Academy just seems too simple pass up. It’s a brilliantly basic way of helping children understand number bonds through getting to 10 by filling boxes.

Check out Teachwire’s other number bonds resources here.

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