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10 Strictly Come Dancing GIFs that Sum Up Being a Teacher

To be fair, feedback would be quicker if you could just fling up a paddle board with a number out of 10 on

  • 10 Strictly Come Dancing GIFs that Sum Up Being a Teacher

It’s Saturday night, you’ve done all your marking. OK, most of it. No? Not even close? Fine. It’s Saturday night and you’re still marking, but the telly is on at least, and it’s time to rhumba, jive and cha-cha-cha your way through the next hour or so of books.

That’s right, it’s Strictly Come Dancing, the awkwardly titled combination of Strictly Ballroom and Come Dancing.

And who could resist something as
delightful as
Strictly Ballroom?

As we head into the festive season there are plenty of opportunities with end-of-term shows, parties and dances for staff and students to let loose and strut their stuff, so we thought we’d put together some Strictly GIFs to see if the the judges can’t give you a few pointers of what steps to take at school this Christmas.

Let’s see what we can learn about teaching from the sparkly superstars of Saturday night.

1. The first time your NQT mentor steps in for the save

2. When you think you overhear students talking about you

3. When you’re perfectly in sync with your teaching bud, no matter what stupid stuff they do

4. When you suddenly lose control of a fun lesson

5. Teaching advice – Never be afraid to make a fool out of yourself

6. OK, maybe draw the line somewhere

7. When you’re sat next to that teacher in the staff meeting

8. How you want to react when your Ofsted report comes back better than expected

9. How you really react (just in case anyone’s watching)

This is Britain after all

10. Christmas party advice – It might seem funny in the moment, but this is why you should never join in the latest dance craze at the end of year dance

Someone will be filming

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