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10 Of The Best Algebra Worksheets For KS3

The algebra part of the Key Stage 3 curriculum is covered with this free range of printable or online worksheets and tests...

  • 10 Of The Best Algebra Worksheets For KS3

Do you know your geometric sequences from your nth term? Can you use linear and quadratic graphs to estimate values of y for given values of x and vice versa and to find approximate solutions of simultaneous linear equations? Of course you can. But can your students?

For a quick way to find out here are some free and easy-to-use worksheets (digital or printable) for your class that cover a number of requirements in the algebraic area of the maths curriculum.

1 | Simplify and manipulate algebraic expressions

Get it at mathsmalakiss.com.

2 | Understanding inequalities

Get it at bbc.co.uk.

3 | Satisfying inequalities

Get it at studymaths.co.uk.

4 | Using fractions

Get it at mathsworksheets4kids.com.

5 | Finding the Nth term

Get it at worksheetmath.com.

6 | Working with coordinates

Get it at bbc.co.uk.

7 | Working with coordinates in all four quadrants

Get it at teachingimage.com.

8 | Producing straight line graphs

Get it at bbc.co.uk.

9 | Quadratic Sequences

Get it at bbc.co.uk.

10 | Solving quadratic equations

Get it at math-drills.com.

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