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About the Book

Author: Dan Freedman

Age Range: 11-14 Years 14-16 Years

Publisher: David Fickling Books

Price: £10.99


Following the phenomenal success of his Jamie Johnson series for middle-grade readers (Scholastic), author and football journalist Freedman has, wisely, kept his passion for sport at the heart of this, his first YA novel.

Whilst the prizes dangled in front of twin protagonists Roxy and Kaine (Wimbledon success, and Premiership stardom respectively) would be out of reach of most youngsters, the challenges each must overcome in order to claim their reward are those that readers will recognise from their own lives and the world around them.

Tough family circumstances; peer pressure and the undeniable lure of gang culture for those who are feeling failed by the system; and of course, the difficulty of navigating those first serious romantic relationships – all these are described in a voice that is totally contemporary and never patronising.

Bad choices lead to serious consequences; but the redemption, when it comes, is both credible and profoundly satisfying.

Out from Feb 2019.

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