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Spider Sandwiches

Spider Sandwiches

About the Book

Author: Claire Freedman

Age Range: 0-2 Years 3-5 Years 5-7 Years 7-11 Years

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Price: £6.99, paperback


Claire Freedman has already proved several times over that she knows exactly what kids want from an early reading title, given that she is the sharp wit behind the massively popular Aliens Love Underpants series.

In this similarly gleeful tale of Max the monster and his hearty but utterly disgusting appetite she has almost certainly hit the mark again, with page after page of increasingly horrid menu suggestions that are bound to appeal to young readers with a penchant for all things loathsome – from beetle biscuits and lice rice to pickled worms and snail trail sauce.

Sue Hendra’s vivid illustrations celebrate every ghastly dish on the list with relish (as it were), and the pay-off line is genuinely laugh-out-loud funny. Your little ones will need little encouragement to start coming up with gruesome ideas of their own – although you may wish to save such an activity until after lunch…

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