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About the Book

Author: Julia Groves

Age Range: 3-5 Years

Publisher: Child’s Play

Price: £6.99, paperback


A great picture book doesn’t necessarily have to tell a story, and Rainforest, written and illustrated by Julia Groves, is a case in point.

Readers are taken on a tour of the Amazon that introduces just a tiny number of its myriad inhabitants, including some familiar faces as well as those you might struggle to put a name to (helpfully, there’s a detailed cast list at the back containing a wealth of information about the animals and their home).

The stars of the show here are the colourful illustrations – simple, strong silhouettes, created using a printmaking technique, atop bold backgrounds that never fail to grab the attention.

Each is complemented by a single line of text that, rather than naming the subject of the picture, describes their movement, appearance or activity.

It adds up to a title that captures the atmosphere of the forest wonderfully well while educating children and adults alike.

As inspiration for some experiments with printmaking, it’s hard to beat, too.

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