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Only the Ocean

Only the Ocean

About the Book

Author: Natasha Carthew

Age Range: 11-14 Years 14-16 Years

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Price: £12.99


Natasha Carthew writes all her novels outside – and this fiercely tender narrative is uncompromisingly windswept and mud-splattered from the start.

Following the journey of Kel Crow, and her plan to escape from the deadbeat swamp where her deadbeat family scrape an illegitimate living, it’s a raw and richly descriptive piece of storytelling, full of earthy textures, visceral emotions and, at its centre, the tentative unfurling of love between two young women whose lives would never, under ordinary circumstances, collide.

Carthew’s writing naturally blurs the lines between poetry and prose, recalling at times both Joyce and Donne as she explores streams of consciousness, and couples words together to create new terms that express an action, feeling or natural phenomenon more precisely (‘forever-fields of brown water’; ‘the gate was still bust-broke’).

Breathtaking, bold, and grittily, messily beautiful, this is a story that will haunt the reader long after it’s over.

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