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One Day, So Many Ways

One Day, So Many Ways

About the Book

Author: Laura Hall

Age Range: 5-7 Years

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

Price: £14.99


November is National Non-Fiction Month, so what better time to introduce this glorious fact-packed book to your KS1 pupils?

It follows the lives of over 40 children from around the world – from Mongolia to Mexico to Morocco – and explores the differences and similarities in their daily routines.

Over 24 hours we follow a wide variety of children as they wake up, eat, go to school, play and go about their everyday lives.

Pupils will learn lots, including which countries get the least and most homework, what food different children think is tastiest and what kids around the world dream of at night.

Loris Lora’s illustrations are beautifully retro and capture the variety of living arrangements children around the world experience.

At the back of the book is a fact file containing information about each country’s population, languages spoken and how to say ‘hello’.

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