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How the Borks Became

How the Borks Became

About the Book

Author: Jonathan Emmett

Age Range: 5-7 Years 7-11 Years

Publisher: Otter-Barry

Price: £11.99


How do you go about explaining crucial yet complex scientific concepts such as natural variation and evolution to children?

Jonathan Emmett’s brilliantly funny rhyming story tells the tale of the Borks, who used to be blue with smooth fur and short necks, but are now tall, shaggy and yellow.

“What caused all these changes? What brought them about? Well, we’ll have to go back a few years to find out…”.

Children will adore the Seuss-style rhymes, which are begging to be read aloud. Let Elys Dolan’s delightfully detailed illustrations take your class on a journey to see how weather conditions, predators and food sources all play their part in the process.

The success of Emmett’s tale is that the zany characters and joyous text combine into a thoughtful, lucid explanation of Darwin’s theory, so whether you’re a Y6 teacher starting this topic, or want to introduce younger children to the idea, there’s no better starting place.

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