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Churchill’s Tale of Tails

Churchill’s Tale of Tails

About the Book

Author: Anca Sandu

Age Range: 0-2 Years 3-5 Years 5-7 Years

Publisher: Random House Children’s

Price: £5.99, paperback


When Churchill the pig loses his most prized possession – his tail – he is distraught, until his good friends Billy and Gruff come up with an idea to make him feel better, lending him a spare one that the zebras have lying around. Unfortunately, their cunning plan starts to backfire when Churchill becomes so carried away with trying on all kinds of different appendages for his rear end, and imagining that they give him the attributes of the official owner, that he no longer has any time for his chums. It’s only when he stumbles across his own tail again (being used by a bird as a headpiece) that he is reminded of what is really important, and throws a special tea party for all his pals to apologise. Anca Sandu is both author and illustrator of this quirky little story, and she delivers her moral with a pleasingly light touch.

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