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Tasks to help students think algebraically

What is it?

Two sets of activities to support teachers of mathematics in the Secondary Classroom

Algebradabra is a wonderful collection of tasks to use in the classroom, designed to reveal algebraic structure – a crucial aspect of mathematics that learners often find tricky to understand.

The tasks are given in a variety of engaging contexts, with subtle but crucial variations between the tasks in each set.

Inviting and accessible ‘teacher talk’ throughout the book reveals some of the thinking behind the tasks, which are offered as starting points to be modified and extended.

It is highly recommended for all teachers with an interest in enriching learners’ experience of algebra at KS3 and KS4.

Algeburble is suitable for upper KS2 and KS3 learners, and contains a hundred tasks to complete, alongside a flexible commentary that can readily form the basis of a lesson, or sequence of lessons.

Alternatively, portions of commentary can simply be used to prompt fresh thinking at the start of a lesson.

Algeburble gives teachers the opportunity to consider what an early algebra curriculum might look like.

For example, it could be used to help pupils make the shift from computational to structural thinking through the use of representations such as tables, number lines and graphs, and potentially the use of letters for numbers.

“This is one of the best sources of tasks I have – it is one of my desert island resources”

Richard Perring
Maths teacher and educational consultant

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