4 ways Whizz Education supports SEND students

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At Whizz Education, our educational partners have over 20 years of experience working with schools using adaptive, online learning technology to create personalised learning plans and experiences that support all students, especially those cohorts that need targeted, tailored interventions, such as SEND students.

Here are four ways that Maths-Whizz supports SEND students…

1. Adaptive technology

This technology adjusts the difficulty level of the maths problems based on a student’s performance. For students with SEND, this means that they can work on problems at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed by difficult concepts.

The program also provides immediate feedback to students, helping them identify areas where they need additional support.

2. Multisensory learning

In addition to adaptive learning, Maths-Whizz offers a range of tools and resources that can support students with SEND. For example, all of the lessons taught have voice-overs for auditory reinforcement.

The program includes visual aids such as diagrams and graphs to help students better understand mathematical concepts. There are also short, interactive games and activities designed to help students practise key maths skills in a fun and engaging way.

3. Supportive and encouraging environment

Maths-Whizz provides a consistent, supportive, and encouraging learning environment for students with SEND.

Lessons are designed to be short, sharp chunks of learning which can be accessed and exited at any time. This makes them easy to digest and provides flexibility for students with additional needs.

The program is designed to help build confidence in students by providing opportunities for success and recognising their achievements.

4. Improve fluency

Our Maths-Whizz tool has features such as Topic Focus and Topic Challenge, which enable students to both focus on specific maths concepts and revisit these areas of mathematical learning frequently to reinforce foundational concepts leant and improve their fluency. 

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Overall, Maths-Whizz Virtual Tutor is an excellent resource for students with SEND who want to improve their maths skills and build confidence. With its adaptive learning technology, visual aids, and supportive learning environment, Maths-Whizz is an effective tool for helping students overcome the challenges associated with SEND.

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The benefits
  • Multisensory approach to learning
  • Personalised, adaptive learning technology
  • Visual aids and gamification to build intrinsic motivation.

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