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Renaissance Freckle and Star Maths: boosting maths outcomes for every pupil

Renaissance Freckle

Many teachers and schools use and love Renaissance’s Accelerated Reader, but what about Star Maths and Freckle – how can they transform maths assessment and practice and improve pupil outcomes? Frances Kingston explains…

30 Second Briefing

Four hundred schools across the UK and Ireland are using Freckle and Star Maths already and finding that using Freckle for just 15–30 minutes daily for maths practice results in measurable growth in maths fluency.

Freckle provides a personalised learning journey for each individual pupil, enabling them to learn at their own pace and reduce teacher workloads.

Who benefits from using Freckle and Star Maths?

In a nutshell, everyone. Freckle and Star Maths are used at both primary and secondary schools to improve the outcomes and engagement of the most reluctant maths learner or gifted and talented pupils alike.

Teachers benefit from reduced workload and can support individualised maths practice across their classes, which is otherwise impossible to achieve with just one teacher and many pupils.

Why use this over other maths practice products?

“I think it is the best out there. Freckle supports almost every area of the maths curriculum differentiating easily to the children’s ability. The children enjoy and are engaged in the programme and don’t see the star assessments as anything other than enjoyable.”
Freckle customer survey response, May 2023

Star Maths and Freckle are completely unique in the way they work together to accurately identify pupils’ levels of learning and their needs and support them in an individualised way to improve their maths outcomes.

From responses such as the one above to many more just like it, our products are proven to support teachers to deliver the best results for pupils.

Our Expert
Frances Kingston

Frances Kingston

Consultant at Renaissance Learning

Area of expertise: former teacher and Edtech consultant

Is it easy to use? Set-up and training can be time consuming for new products!

It’s really simple. Star Maths assessments are quick and easy to complete across a class, and link directly to Freckle to ensure each individual pupil has the right level of practice and support to meet their level of learning. The interface is intuitive and highly accessible.

“Star Maths assessments are quick and easy to complete across a class, and link directly to Freckle to ensure each individual pupil has the right level of practice and support.”

What do teaching staff say about it?

The most common feedback we hear from teachers using Star Maths and Freckle is that it engages pupils effectively and reduces their workload.

For example, if used for homework, Freckle removes the need to plan and mark and helps keep pupils motivated and enthusiastic in class.

What data and insights does it provide?

Teachers can see the real time progress of pupils at a glance, with actionable data that recommends the next best skills to practice. This is another huge time-saver for pupil assessments and ensures all areas of numeracy are covered.

Support maths mastery for every pupil – find out more and how to trial Freckle and Star Maths here.

Need to know
  • Create completely personalised maths learning journeys for EVERY pupil
  • Reduce teacher workloads across multiple areas – from homework to assessments
  • Supports every kind of learner – from SEND pupils to those requiring extra challenge and stretch.

Renaissance Freckle
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