You might already have heard of White Rose Maths, as most of the primary schools and a growing number of secondary schools in the country use our planning and teaching materials to help children enjoy and succeed in maths.

However, if we’re new to you, welcome to the worldwide White Rose Maths family!

Who we are and what we do

We’re a friendly and helpful team of specialist maths teachers, and since 2017 we’ve been working to improve the way maths is taught in the UK and beyond.

Lots of people claim that they’re ‘no good at maths’, but we’re here to challenge that mindset.

We can show that when children learn by really understanding what it means (instead of just producing answers), then EVERYONE CAN DO MATHS – EVERYONE CAN!

That’s why we design our resources to enable every child to master small, simple steps that build their knowledge, skills and confidence.

These resources include:

  • detailed schemes, each broken down into small learning steps, which teachers in 140 countries now use to plan their maths teaching
  • materials for teachers to use in class
  • videos and workbooks for use at home

White Rose Maths materials are used in their millions by teachers, parents and children nationwide and around the world. We love reading the feedback we receive every day, telling us how their maths lessons have become more enjoyable and successful.

The return to school

We’re here for you whether or not schools are open, so even when lockdowns are behind us, you’ll always have great materials for in school or at home.

Wellbeing of children and staff is the main priority and we strongly suggest keeping things as simple as possible. Making big changes now will create uncertainty and add stress.

Let’s take a look at some of the key resources we offer…

1 | Free schemes of learning and assessments

We have designed a comprehensive learning journey from Reception to Year 11 which is free for everyone to use. This includes exemplar questions and low attainer guidance with each block of learning, plus end of block and end of term assessments.

2 | Free videos

From the beginning of the Covid lockdown, we’ve made a free daily home learning video for each small step for every pupil from Year 1 to Year 9.

Each short video is brilliantly easy to use, effective and fun. We’ve even had feedback from teachers that they are really helping them improve their own subject knowledge and they often use them as a professional development tool.

3 | Worksheets and workbooks

We’ve produced a set of questions for every maths topic. You can either download and print these from our website via our low-cost premium subscription, or you can buy them in workbook format from our online shop.

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