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Year 4 spelling words – 7 of the best worksheets and resources for KS2 SPaG

Make sure your Y4 students are nailing the statutory spelling word list with these activities, worksheets, games and more...

  • Year 4 spelling words – 7 of the best worksheets and resources for KS2 SPaG

Spelling, where would we be without it?

Certain pop songs wouldn’t be as catchy, that’s for sure.

Find out what it means to me!

It’s not exactly life and death. You can still get by in the world without knowing how to spell every word in the dictionary.

We all know someone who seems to get by barely knowing how to spell any of them.

I suspect nepotism

But obviously good spelling comes with a number of benefits, and the English language has plenty of rules and exceptions to those rules to learn.

So we’ve tried to make your job teaching it a little easier with this selection of resources.

1 | Year 4 spelling words list

These printable spelling worksheets provide a great way to practise, revise and test the Year 3 and 4 spelling words from the National Curriculum Spelling List.

All of these words are covered across five activity sheets, each containing three different types of spelling challenge.

There’s one resource specifically for Year 4 spelling words and one for Year 3 and 4 words.

2 | Spelling patterns word sort activity pack

This pack contains a variety of Lower Key Stage 2 spellings split into different Y4 spelling patterns.

Children can be given sets of word cards and asked to discuss the common spelling patterns, before sorting the cards into groups. It’s a hands-on way to revise and improve pupils’ understanding of key spellings.

Check it out here.

3 | Spelling tests SATs practice worksheets pack

This lower-KS2 spelling pack contains six SATs-style spelling tests – perfect for assessment at the end of each half term of Y4.

Each test contains 20 questions and an answer sheet. A question overview list indicates which spelling patterns are covered by each question, so that you can easily see which spelling patterns need further support.

Get this resource here.

4 | Year 4 spelling patterns classroom posters

Enhance your Key Stage 2 classroom displays with this set of 16 colourful PDF posters based around Y4 spelling patterns.

Each poster shows the spelling pattern surrounded by 8 eye-catching images illustrating words that use that pattern.

As well as the completed posters, the pack includes:

  • Posters where the example illustrations aren’t labelled, so children can be challenged to identify the missing words
  • Posters showing the spelling pattern only, so children can add their own example words and pictures
  • Individual elements of the posters, which can be cut out and assembled as part of any larger wall display, and added to by the children

Get this classroom display pack here.

5 | Year 4 spelling games

Next up, these resource packs help children learn or revise spelling through crosswords, word searches or a good old game of bingo.

Click the links above to check them out.

6 | Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling Words Practice Packs

These lower-KS2 statutory spelling word (SSW) packs allow pupils to practise reading and spelling a selection of the statutory spellings for Year 3 and Year 4.

Each worksheet includes two words for pupils to read, spell and understand, with an opportunity to practise handwriting, making them perfect for independent practice during spelling lessons, for use as revision activities and for home learning.

There are 12 packs available, one for each half term throughout Years 3 and 4, together covering all of the statutory words in the spelling curriculum.

Check out all 12 packs here.

7 | Statutory Spelling Words display cards and word mat

This LKS2 pack has been put together to support teachers in ensuring that children are familiar with the Y3/4 statutory spelling words.

The words are presented on cards for display; and as mats that can be used for table work. Plus, assessment sheets are included so you can tick off words as they are learnt.

Get this resource here.

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