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Rising stars

Prepositions in pop songs quiz – Can you fill in the missing prepositions in these song titles?

Challenge your students to our music-themed SPaG quiz by filing in the blanks. Can they beat your score?

  • Prepositions in pop songs quiz – Can you fill in the missing prepositions in these song titles?

Want a fun way to test your students’ grammar skills? See how well they know their prepositions with our quick pop quiz.

There are 24 songs, all of which have a missing preposition in the title. Just type in your answer and if it’s correct it’ll move you on to the next question.

You can skip if you get stuck, or just click on each answer box if you want to answer specific ones in your own order (you rebel!).

Even if you (or your students) don’t know the song, you (or they) can still guess logically as to what prepositional phrases might fit in these song titles.

No answer is repeated, so once you’ve guessed ‘in’, for example, it won’t appear again.


Your score

  • 24 out of 24 – Top of the Pops
    Move over, Madonna. Adios, Abba. There’s new pop royalty in town. Not sure if grammar royalty exists but they can move over too. The throne is yours!
  • 21-23 – Number 2
    OK, so you’re East 17 rather than Take That. All Saints rather than the Spice Girls. You may not be the biggest pop act in the world, but you’re the next best thing
  • 16-20 – Singer/songwriter
    Excellent effort. Your star power may not make you an instant top 10 artist each time, but you have a constant stream of hits over the years, and you even write some for other artists. You’re like the Sia of SPaG
  • 11-15 – X-Factor winner
    You’re Joe McElderry, Steve Brookstein, Ben Haenow. You did well. Beat many other contestants. You had a Christmas number one! But when the year is out and the industry has squeezed every penny out of you, you’ll be replaced by one of next year’s crop of wannabes
  • 6-10 – One-hit wonder
    You’re Chesney Hawkes. You’re Vanilla Ice. You’re The Cheeky Girls. You’ve had your 15 minutes of fame. Celebrity reality shows are all that’s left now.
  • 1-5 – Javine
    Who? Exactly. That’s the one who just missed out on being in Girls Aloud. So close to pop stardom, but ultimately, nowhere near
  • 0 – Nil points
    Well, that’s probably enough to be the UK entry in the Eurovision Song Contest

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