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7 of the best International Women’s Day teaching resources for KS3 and KS4

March is Women's History Month, and IWD 2020 is on the 8th, so mark these important occasions in school with amazing learning opportunities through these great resources...

  • 7 of the best International Women’s Day teaching resources for KS3 and KS4
  • 7 of the best International Women’s Day teaching resources for KS3 and KS4

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1 | IWD 2019

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #BalanceforBetter (hence the above pose), with the idea being: ‘Better the balance, better the world’.

So how will you celebrate women’s achievements on Friday 8 March 8, while calling for a more gender-balanced world?

At internationalwomensday.com you’ll find everything from posters and ideas on how to plan your day, to events, school resources and important info.

Check out everything the official IWD site has to offer here.

2 | Women’s Suffrage Movement scheme of work

The role of women in the home, workplace and society, has vastly changed since the 19th Century but young people (as well as adults) are not fully aware of the hardships women have had to endure to reach our current position. But why should we teach students about this?

Victoria Hewett explains exactly why here, and has put together a whole scheme of work to help you do it.

You can download it here.

3 | Mary Wollstonecraft

If you’re after specific individuals to study in class, then Louise Burton argues the case for Mary Wollstonecraft.

In this feature, she explains how, a century before the Suffragette Movement, Wollstonecraft blazed a trail for women’s right to education.

Find out more by reading the article here.

4 | TrueTube videos

TrueTube’s award-winning free resources for RE, PSHE and citizenship includes a whole section for Women’s History Month, from ‘90 Years of Feminism’ to ‘#ShoutingBack’ (about the Everyday Sexism project) and ‘Forced Marriage’.

Check out the Women’s History Month videos here.

5 | Trailblazers of WWI

One hundred years since women gained the right to vote we launched Trailblazers: World War One’s Inspirational Women – a nationwide project about inspirational women from the First World War and their impact on the societies around them.

Trailblazers encourages young people to explore the incredible lives of women from the First World War, to discover Trailblazing women in your locality, and to develop as future Trailblazers.

Download the lesson plan here and the homework resource here.

6 | Women’s History Month

Sadly, it seems like Women’s History Month hasn’t taken off over here compared to other countries, and was seemingly celebrated in 2012 and 2013 only (in any sort of “official” capacity at least).

But the website still exists, and there are lesson plans to be downloaded there and plenty more besides.

Check out the site here.

7 | Recommended reads

If you’re after some great books for IWD or Women’s History Month, the CLPE has produced a list of 100 titles that highlight women’s extraordinary achievements.

The list is divided into three sections: books containing brief biographies of a range of women, books about individual women, and fiction and non-fiction about the women’s suffrage movement.

Check it out here.

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