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Hashtag watch – Discover TED Takedowns, Star Wars Grammar and Pokemon Go En Español Under #LangChat

We take a dive into #langchat and unearth some informative infographics, sharp satire and inspiring ideas...

  • Hashtag watch – Discover TED Takedowns, Star Wars Grammar and Pokemon Go En Español Under #LangChat

How many people actually speak your language?

Most of us can guess that Chinese will come out on top in terms of the global language numbers game, but it’s one hell of a drop-off to second-place Spanish. This fascinating proportional pie chart will give language classes across the world plenty of food for thought…

Grammar reference sheets an engaging theme can be given

There seems to be much admiration for these Star Wars-themed grammar sheets from Kansas-based English teacher Justin Bell, and deservedly so. You can download them as image files direct from Twitter via the links below…

Dependent clauses/complex sentences
Conjunctions/compound sentences
Sentence beginnings 1
Sentence beginnings 2

Chortle solemnly?

From Grammarly @Mrs_SPaG, a neat list of oxymorons – download the image here.

“I am a thought leader”

Brought to our attention via the above tweet and a link on National Speaking Week’s ‘Model Speakers’ page, this savage takedown of TED Talk clichés and rhetorical strategies is indeed quite the thing…

“Education in these settings works by pull, not push”

Compare and contrast? Via the above tip-off from @c2westy, here’s a genuinely thought-provoking example of the real thing from a few years back, wherein writer and Demos senior research associate Charles Leadbeater discusses the emergence of innovative teaching ideas in the poorest parts of Nairobi and, more topically, Rio de Janeiro.

“Your brain on languages”

Here you go, MFL teachers – if you need a visually appealing way to justify your existence and argue against departmental budget cuts, try pinning this infographic from Sunbelt Staffing to your staffroom noticeboard (you can read the whole thing on the Sunbelt blog, here).

¡Pokemon VAMOS!

And finally, #langchat moderator @SraSpanglish, presents a highly informative blogpost on using the planet-conquering mobile game Pokemon GO to teach Spanish…

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