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Guided reading – 8 of the best activities and resources for KS1 and KS2 literacy

Make guided reading sessions better for you and your student with this selection of advice, ideas, activities and more...

  • Guided reading – 8 of the best activities and resources for KS1 and KS2 literacy

What is guided reading?

As the name suggests, guided reading is where teachers work with students on their reading to make sure they can read the words and understand their meaning, make inferences from the text and comprehend it fully.

1 | Year 2 SATs practice papers packs

These KS1 SATs papers resource packs provide opportunities for Y2 pupils to develop comprehension and writing skills in preparation for SATs and end-of-year assessments.

This collection of resources covers a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts, and includes a model text with questions and answers, plus a fully resourced writing task. A PowerPoint is also provided in each that can be used for guided reading or whole-class reading.

Themes include Christopher Columbus, How to Wrap a Present, Pond Dipping, TV History and loads more.

Find the whole collection here.

2 | KS2 reading comprehension packs guided reading

On to KS2, and these non-fiction comprehension packs cover various topics, and include a model text as well as comprehension questions to develop pupils’ skills of retrieval, inference and vocabulary understanding.

They can be used for guided reading, or as home learning.

Click on the links to check each one out:

3 | Guided reading and critical literacy lesson ideas

How is guided reading best taught? How much planning do I need to do? What are the best texts to use? How can I improve my questioning?

You’ll find the answers in this helpful guide to guided reading by Rachel Clarke and Charlotte Reed.

Get this resource here.

4 | Guided reading question generator dice

These attractive dice are designed to help children to reflect on what they have read.

At the end of a reading session, they can use them to generate a question about the text for a written or oral response.

Find them here.

5 | Use cloze activities for great guided reading

Exploring texts with a small group is time well spent, but how do you make sure the rest of the class isn’t losing out? How, do you ensure that all children are engaged, progressing and enjoying reading when not reading with an adult?

In this article Ian Eagleton outlines why close activities are the secret to great guided reading, and how you can implement them in your classroom.

Check it out here.

6 | Teach guided reading and reading comprehension together

In this article James Clements explains why guided reading can be the perfect way to teach comprehension, offering four things you can do in guided reading sessions to best support the development of children’s comprehension skills.

He also tackles a few myths about guided reading, such as it must be organised as a carousel or that sessions should last 20 minutes.

Give it a read here.

7 | Guided reading prompts and tips

In this Primary English Ed post they have collated a range of ideas to help you plan and deliver top-class guided reading lessons.

You can also download guided reading prompts for helping you plan questions.

Give this all a look here.

8 | How to revolutionise guided reading

Looking for ways to spice up your guided reading sessions? This blog post on Teacher Toolkit from Hollie Anderton might be just what you’re after.

Check it out here.

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