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12 Free Circle Theorems Worksheets and Resources for KS3 and KS4 Maths

If your secondary students feel like circle theorem is like putting a square peg in a round hole, help them see the point of all these angles by using a triangular one instead...

  • 12 Free Circle Theorems Worksheets and Resources for KS3 and KS4 Maths

1 | Fill in the blanks

Author: Andy Lutwyche

These sheets contain sketches of circle theorems and blanks for the students to fill in in their own words.

They can then use the notes in a future lesson to fill in the blanks on the ‘Fill In The Blanks’ sheet.

The idea was to save them drawing poor sketches in their books and to write the rules in their own words.

Download this resource here.

2 | First steps with circle theorems

Author: David Morse

Three carefully thought-out worksheets that have helped many classes take the first steps working with the circle theorems.

Included are ‘Angles in the Same Segment’ and ‘Angle at the Centre’.

I have used these sheets for many years and they have always given students an excellent base from which to move onto the more difficult problems.

Download this resource here.

3 | Three-part lesson

Author: Manoj Mistry

Three-part lesson with grade A questions. Starter includes questions to recap and consolidate previous learning in accordance with the route map (scheme of work) I have uploaded.

Download this resource here.

4 | Four PowerPoint lessons

Author: Owen134866

This resource contains material for four lessons on the GCSE circle theorems topics.

Each lesson has a PowerPoint including explanations, proofs, starters and plenaries. The worksheets have example questions on each topic, including answers.

Download this resource here.

5 | Codebreaker

Author: Andy Lutwyche

The mandatory terrible joke whose punchline is revealed by answering some questions involving circle theorems.

Useful as a starter or plenary.

Download this resource here.

6 | Lesson, worksheets and assessment

Author: Dr Frost Maths

Covers all aspects of most GCSE specifications. Including a PowerPoint, worksheet and assessment.

Download this resource here.

7 | Circle theorems poster display

Author: David Morse

This is my poster for circle theorems, which provides a great reference for the main theorems.

I give students the A5 version for revision and have a large version on the wall somewhere.

Download this resource here.

8 | Broken turntable circle theorems

Author: Andy Lutwyche

This is a Word document worksheet involving finding the missing angles using circle theorems for KS4.

A colleague of mine gave me this idea of using records and circle theorems – you have to calculate the missing angles to get the turntable fixed in each case.

I’ve chosen some of my favourite albums! A separate answer sheet is included.

Download this resource here.

9 | Applying Pythagoras and circle theorems

Author: Ben Cooper

This is a tricky trapezium circle question, a Geometry A question about finding the area of a circle which has a trapezium draw inside it, with some hints in case students get stuck.

Brings in pythagoras, cosine rule, trig and circle theorems.

Download this resource here.

10 | Circle theorem bingo

Author: Fiona Ryan

Circle theorem bingo PowerPoint. Answers included.

Download this resource here.

11 | Circle theorems and logos worksheets

Author: Andy Lutwyche

Go through the circle theorems with your class then get them to use their newly found knowledge when calculating the missing angles on these logos for the embroidery machine.

Download this resource here.

12 | GCSE 9-1 exam practice questions

Author: David Morse

This carefully selected compilation of exam questions has fully-worked solutions designed for students to go through at home, saving valuable time in class.

Download this resource here.

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